1. P

    Laser Bahia Center Board Question

    I recently purchased a 2011 Laser Bahia. I've been going over the boat in my driveway and about ready to do a dry land set-up before I head to the lake. I won't look like novice that doesn't know what he's doing. Everything seems to be complete except the centerboard control. All of the lines...
  2. M

    WISCONSIN Parts - Mast, Cubby Sleeve, Centerboard, and Rigging available, Northern WI/MN

    I have a spare Mast and other components available when I replaced my hull with a donor in 2019. Great Condition, other than used. The donor had everything except sails and boom. Good PDF Manual/How to Sail on Capri 14.2 - I will post...
  3. W

    Small boat drifting to leeward

    Hi, I'm a new casual sailor and I have a very small sailing catamaran (only 8ft long) that I made this summer. It has an issue where it drifts to leeward about 1 meter for every 3 meters of forward distance. I only have a rather small daggerboard on my boat. Is that the issue? What should the...
  4. A

    NEW JERSEY Laser with Full Rig

    This laser has not been used for the last four years, garage kept, and is in almost excellent condition. Unfortunately the mojo rig (boomvag, outhaul, and cuningham) and the back traveler are MIA. The boat is in perfect condition other than a small repair that was professional fixed on the bow...
  5. rodion_mazin

    CONNECTICUT Foils, blade bag, compass, and extension tiller.

    I have following items for sale: - GRP foils set for $700 - blade bag $70 - compass $110 - 36 inch carbon tiller extension, 130 grams $50 Call or text @ 708-979-1448 E-mail: [email protected] Located near New Haven, CT. Pictures: Laser parts for sale - Google Drive