Laser Bahia Center Board Question


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I recently purchased a 2011 Laser Bahia. I've been going over the boat in my driveway and about ready to do a dry land set-up before I head to the lake. I won't look like novice that doesn't know what he's doing. Everything seems to be complete except the centerboard control. All of the lines and blocks are there and installed for raising and lowering except for the connection to the centerboard itself. My research says that there should be a bungee set-up that holds the centerboard in the down position so that in case of a capsize the centerboard remains down and does not fall back into the centerboard trunk.

I would appreciate it if there are any Laser Bahia owners out there that could provide me a good photograph of the centerboard set-up showing how the final block is attached to the top of the centerboard and what the bungee looks like and how it's attached. It seems the set-up manuals I find online don't deal with the centerboard in enough detail.

Problem solved. It appears that I was wrong about the lines and blocks I was assuming were part of the centerboard rigging (they were actually part of the boom vang - duh). Raising and lowering the centerboard is done manually by just pulling on a loop of rope strung through the hole in the top of the centerboard. When the centerboard is down there is a short length of bungee cord with a clip (I found it attached at another location on the boat for no apparent reason) that should be attached to the aft end of the centerboard trunk and clipped to the loop of rope that's through the hole in the centerboard.