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    2007 sunfish pro for sale

    I just got the SF out of wraps and rigged, it is too dark for photos right now but I will take some tomorrow. Send me your e-mail and I will forward the photos to you.
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    2007 sunfish pro for sale

    It's a 2007 that I purchased new. I don't have any photos and the sunfish is currently on a trailer and well tarped up. I could take some photos but it won't be for a couple of days. The hull is white, the deck is a very light grey with a wide light blue stripe running fore and aft. The sail is...
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    2007 sunfish pro for sale

    Good condition, trailer included,cosmetic scratches on bottom, bailer removed, hole glassed in. Asking $1800.00. located north of Victoria B.C. Can deliver to Victoria. (250)749-3332
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    Any advantage to a longer daggerboard?

    The "plastic" dagger board does have an air foil shape. Wide rounded lead edge, tapering back to a finer trailing edge. It would be interesting to build your deep draft dagger board and then sail against another Sunfish that is equipped with the shorter version. The deeper version would...
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    sunfish for sale

    2007 Sunfish Pro, very good shape, never raced, has minor scratches on bottom. Garage stored.
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    The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race ...

    If everybody, experienced and otherwise agrees in which conditions they will not start that is fair. I have never seen a club start a race, if for example the wind is blowing 40 knots, I also don't believe there is any legal requirement for the race committee to provide rescue boats, I'm...
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    The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race ...

    The good guys aren't forced to sail to the lowest level, if the fleet participants agree upon a wind speed above which they won't race then when that velocity is reached nobody has to decide whether to sail or not, there will be no race. It makes no sense to club race in gear busting conditions...
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    The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race ...

    Club fleets need to collectively agree at which wind velocity or above they will not start a race. If the race committee is prepared to start a race regardless of conditions then the prudent skipper risks assumming big penalty points for DNS whereas the "throw caution to the wind" skipper who...
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    Cockpit Re-entry after capsize

    Beldar, I have a set up like you were mentioning, with the electric winch and all, the problem I found was that the first time I used it the boat had turned turtle so when I got into the bosun's chair and activated the electrics I was hoisted to the bottom of the lake. I am currently looking to...
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    new guy here

    If rain is a possibilty, then cover the mast hole with tape or whatever.
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    Using a Sunfish Bailer on a Different Boat

    I found the bailer to be a nuisance, it gets snagged when loading on a trailer and takes a beating on the beach. Eventually, after many loadings, beachings it began to leak, and at some point the two metal pins that retain the plastic ball had gone south as had the ball itself. Solution...
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    Sailing the Atlantic

    Dropping weight and ribbon to determine direction of drift has me confused. If the weight makes it to the bottom then the attached ribbon which would be on the surface would stream with the current, unless surface winds overpowered the current. The problem again is depth, which can be thousands...
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    Sailing the Atlantic

    Will I run into ice? What time of year are you planning this voyage? Yes you might. How long a sail between "locations"? Depends on the wind, weather and boat speed, the distance you can calculate on your own. Is my boat good enough? If it is in top shape (seaworthy) and prepped for...
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    sunfish/trailer for sale

    I would be willing to negotiate, where are you located?
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    Wet Suits

    A wetsuit with full legs and an attached spray jacket should do the job, the upper portion of the wet suit is sleeveless. This is a less expensive option than a dry suit. This suit will keep you warm in or out of the water. With the attached spray jacket you can wear anything from a t-shirt...