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    Old boat help

    I know its heavy because after lifting 97 boats for 3 years, then taking this, you know its heavy. and im not lighter then my friend, and my friend is way better then me. Im just wondering if theres any reason in the boat why its fast and heavy
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    inexpensive Laser dollys for sale

    Excatlly, everything i post is CND. From Fogh Marine, one of the top suppliers, it is $525 without shipping or tax
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    Old boat help

    Yeah, i was racing a friend that has a 1997 laser, with the new rigging, and a newer sail, he placed 13th in gold cup last year, and yet, i can keep up with him, i only lose cause i mess my starts up, but i never lose any boat lengths, i gain them.
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    Old boat help

    I have a laser from 1974, and i dont know much about it, cause the guy i got it from have stripped and repainted the whole boat, taking off the serial numbers. But i do know its made in Canada, for some reason, the boats really heavy, yet very fast, anyone know why?
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    inexpensive Laser dollys for sale

    I have dirt cheap dollys for sale, yet good quality. They are very, very light, wont rust, and can stand upright on their own support taking no more then 20 inchs of room. The cost is only $250 per dolly, after taxes. That is over $100 less then the heavy rustbucket metal dollys, and over...
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    Tiller only

    I'm looking for a Carbon Fiber tilller and extension, joined with one of those easy flex things, for under 100$
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    1984 Laser II for sale. Hull #4466.

    How much for just the dolly?
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    New European Radial Bottom For Sale

    hows 250$ CND?
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    Radial Rig Wanted

    Im looking for any Radial Rig, Sail and bottom mast, for resonable price. I dont care about the state of the sail, as long as it isnt ripped.
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    New European Radial Bottom For Sale

    How much do u want for it in CND cash?
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    2002 Laser Radial sail and mast for sale used 5 times

    I can give u 250$ CND for it
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    radial sails and spars in Texas

    Hey, how much would it cost for those 50$ sails in Canadian funds, and how much for shipping, also, do they come with spars?