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    Even more fun

    "Perfect match of mast-sail" ?? You were being facetious, I presume... A sleeve would improve the mast - sail match IMHO. It's worth a try. You can use the existing boom sleeve kit as the top and boom are the same diameter dimensions. Or make your own from a broken top. I've cut a 3/4" slice...
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    To buy or not buy with Inspection port

    The middle 90's also had issues resulting in soft decks where you sit. Not fatal, but a bother. Tha price is very reasonable.
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    To buy or not buy with Inspection port

    In the 90's the port was installed at the factory on all boats
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    Upgrade kit

    Yes, shipped to 48 states. No pics, but it's like new. for paypal.
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    Upgrade kit

    200. shipped. paypal is fine
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    Upgrade kit

    Vang has sold. I still have the C-ham/outhaul upgrade kit available.
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    Upgrade kit

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    Upgrade kit

    Harken vang, plus complete 10:1 C-ham and outhaul set up, w/ harken blocks. Like new. $425. incl shipping to 48 states. Shipped from VT.
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    colie sail bag and spar bag

    Colie laser sail bag, gray with blue trim. just add a piece of plastic pipe to roll sail on. Also, Colie spar bag, black, straps, individual sleeves for spars. Both like new info here: 120. shipped for both bags...
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    2011 Rule Changes - NOT Fundamental Rule

    Hmmm, can somebody cut and paste the "other" rule changes here, so we all don't have to vote on the odd rule before even seeing the others? Thanks
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    Wanted - Hull only

    I'm looking for hull only. I like 77-93, prefer white, but whatever can work. Let me know if you have one, or if you've lost some parts, etc. I can fix most flaws, and have lots of parts (not for sale!). Pics are always good. Anywhere in New England is fine. Thanks
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    '08 laser full rig for sale

    Lol, sorry about that. I have an assortment of boats and sails. Email me please if you are interested in a full write up. It's all put away for the winter now.
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    sold already

    sold already
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    '08 laser full rig for sale

    Still available, email to chat about it. Thanks
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    Radial sail

    Legal radial sail, still fairly crispy, good for club or local racing. 189011 and USA on it, but can be changed. bag and shipping included ( to 48 states), Paypal preferred click my name to email. Thanks