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    Capsizing, Boarding, and Drain Holes

    We used to have the same problem too. But after we lower the step or loop getting back is not much of a problem. But then we haven't capsized for a while now, may be we are out of practice. Lucky that you can smiw in your area. We don't swim in Chesapeake bay. If we fall into water, my...
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    Floatation Question

    We have the colapsable water bags. I would not use foam. I will take Catalina advise, go to Walmart or camping outfitter get a few 5 Gal ones. Good luck.
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    No Jib Sailing

    Yes, I found out this too a few years ago. Without a jib, it is hard to tack at high wind. We almost couldn't get back the dock. Since then we always sail with the jib. Reef early also help.:)
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    Chesapeake, Maryland - Anyone?

    BTT for the Chesapeake Bay folks. I can't beleive that I am the only one sailing on the Bay. BTT for the Chesapeake Bay folks. I cannot believe that I am the only one sailing on the Bay. We have been sailing every weekend since my first post. The wind is picking up after a long hot...
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    Having fun but with a few questions

    We finally had some good wind (10 to 15 knots) on the upper CHESAPEAKE bay. Before we set out, we reefed the main. We had lot of speed but we felt that we were under conrol. Here are a few questions for those have more sailing experience with Capri: 1. At what wind speed do you reef? 2...
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    Chesapeake, Maryland - Anyone?

    We have been sailing quite a bit this season in the upper Chesapeake bay, any one out there want to get together to some sailing. It looks like this weekend will be great sailing, 10 to 15 knots, and waves 1 to 2 ft. NOAA just dropped the small craft advisory a few hours ago. Turtle time. :p
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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    So far I have cut three holes and I found jigsaw gives me the best control free hand. I used a hole saw (1") first and finished up with a jigsaw. When you do the port on the seat, make sure you move the plastic floatation device out of the way before cutting. I ordered two port bags, but I...
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    How to reef?

    Ed, I found a diagram in the Handbook. It was very helpful to get me started. I rigged the sail up yesterday and tried it out at home. It was a kind of sloppy, and not sure what I can do. Since I have an old Capri (1987) and I am not sure if the new one does, mine does not use hank to...
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    Converting to roller furling

    Re: Furling jib Ed, I beleive the price includes the jib itself. I am going to reuse my own jib, all I need is to replace with a stiffer wire based on the info from Harken website. Do you have any pic to exactly how it suppose to look? Send pic to lys(at) Thanks. Later,
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    Converting to roller furling

    I am in the process of converting to roller furling and decided to buy Harken 434. What exactly I need to do for the jib? I spoke with a sailmaker shop, they want $238 for it? I am not exactly clear what I am play for? Anyone have closeup pic will be helpful? TIA. Later,
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    How to reef?

    I just got my mainsail reefed. Is there a proper way to reef or I just use my common sense? Any pics will be helpful? Thanks. Later,
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    We couldn't starbaord tack - what we did wrong?

    I'd love to hear how you did. :) Thanks for all the input. It got me thinking alot and also I went to the library and read up the proper way to sail. :o . Since this incident, I got my reef for $85 and planning to convert to roller furling. I am looking at Harken 434 system. but have...
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    whisker pole length

    Hmmm.... I'd like to know too. When I bought mine, it did not come with one. Does anyone have a pic how to attach on the mast? Thanks. Later,
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    We couldn't starbaord tack - what we did wrong?

    I had tried to have the boat sail backward and turned the boat with the rudder. Somehow, either it did not steer well or I just inpatient and give up too soon. How much does it cost you to reef your main and what does it involve? Thanks. Later,
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    Broken Mast

    Oh man.... I feel for you. I hit the tree twice also on the very tip of the mast. Fortunately no damage except some big scatch on the mast. I am not sure if there is an aftermarket mast that you can buy. May be you can call Catalina to find out the cost of a new one: 818-884-7700. Good...