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    What size engine

    Three to four hp should be fine. Five at most. The bigger the engine, the tougher it is to get on and off when you are out on the water.
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    J24 Keel bolt frozen

    Hope you got them loose by now. Be especially careful if the boat comes from a salt water environment. Keel bolts are subject to crevice corrosion, especially those kept and used around salt water. Once you get them off, there is an article I wrote years back for the class magazine that...
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    Lewmar Lopez Blocks - Pair

    Not quite sure how to post a picture, but I can send you one if you give me an email or phone to which to send. Do you know what they are and how they work? I ask because a Lopez block is a Lopez block. It's either Harken or Lewmar version.
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    Lewmar Lopez Blocks - Pair

    Hardly used. Other parts too.
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    ICA is for the International Class Association, which is the IJCA. It will remain ICA in the rules, because that is the defined term that World Sailing wants to use in all of the class rules.
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    News on passage of J/24 Rules Conversion to ISAF format: Passage of the basic rules format was unanimous. Eight of the twelve changes passed, so lets look at what did not pass: F.6.1(b) and F.6.2(a)(4) - to allow an option for synthetic rope backstay - Rope backstays are off the table...
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    This is a lot to cover! G2 Must say, I like the idea, but this would take some more research with sailmakers to make it in this revision. D.7.2 Good suggestion. Will try to work that in before the deadline. D.5.1 Just trying to keep the sailors and speed shops from overbuilding to...
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    If we leave it the way we had it, there would be no crew substitution allowed without permission in the SIs. You will usually not get that in a multi class regatta. We change the existing rule in almost every set of Sailing Instructions at the international level anyway. Those changes...
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    That's the point of the forestay turnbuckle, so you can adjust the forestay without getting a new one. The max length is not changing. This just allows you to always be there with one forestay. You would likely have to shorten your forestay to put on a turnbuckle, but none of this is...
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    light outboard motor

    The class standard has been the 3.5 hp Tohatsu or one of its other incarnations. 2 strokes are no longer sold in most countries, so you would have to find one used. Good luck on that. The 2 hp should push the boat well enough to get you home in no air and light current, but strong wind, waves...
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    Performance wise the biggest difference is how worn the grip surface of the winch is and how well it is kept up - cleaned and lubed. The Barients can be knurled at a machine shop on a lathe to restore the surface grip. Not sure parts are still available for the Barients.
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    Keel Bolts

    I have seen 50 to 120 ft lbs, but I use 80 ft lbs. That seems to be enough.
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    Looking for measurement numbers..

    If you have numbers for back of the sump and section 4, you are pretty set. Those numbers should be close to maximum. after that you keel's trailing edge must be no more than 5mm from a straight line defined by those two points. Not much more that you can do than that.
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    Light Air

    Talk to your sailmaker. Maybe mast butt position - reduce prebend in light air. Tune in light air with someone who is fast.
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    Keel Blisters on a J24

    Dig them out and fill with epoxy. Some keels have iron deposits in the lead, but this does not sound like that. If you just keep digging and finding rust, it's iron deposits - very difficult to get rid of permanently.