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    Smart way to rack lasers

    I would say give priority to those who sail the most. I've been at clubs where boats sit on dollies in prime spots for months on end (if not longer) while active sailors have move their boat all around the yard to get it to the water. For me, storing on a rack is a no-go as I need the ability...
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    New design Standard Sail

    So is your Mark II sail starting to wear out after a couple of seasons? Thinking of buying a new one? Oh wait, this popped up on SA: Sailing Illustrated | Yacht Racing News & Views | Tom Ehman It was followed by this rebuttal: Improper Course: Julian Bethwaite, Lasers, Olympics, and fake news
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    Downwind Practice turns

    Last planned gybe, or that's just how it worked out?
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    Sunfish/Laser v. Vanguard Lasers

    Weren't they built in the same facility by the same people? And you're talking about 20-year-old boats, too. How they were sailed and stored is more important now.
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    difficulty in spotting approaching gusts

    Assuming you aren't in the lead, other boats ahead are a big clue as to both gusts and wind shifts.
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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    I like the redundant rope in addition to the ratchet straps. As a personal preference, I would tie at least the bow to the front bumper too. This is something I have said many times before, at least in other sailing forums. Cartopping is great for a long-distance trip over several days, but...
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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    Nothing wrong with cartopping if properly secured (tied to crossbars AND the bumpers), but that arrangement looks really sketchy. The hull angled up like that is going to create a bunch of drag and could cause the boat to fly away. The PVC pipe rack idea would be a big improvement. It would...
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    Che si dice?

    I'm going to guess allowing contraband parts at regattas.
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    Laser Radial Weight?

    A good rule of thumb is if you can't step the mast, it's too windy for you to go sailing. If you are able to windsurf despite having a "dodgy" back, I don't think a Laser will be any trouble for you. Also, the people who DO step the mast/boom as a single unit (not very many) work the rig like...
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    Laser Radial Weight?

    For stepping the mast, it's more the wind than the weight of the rig. Most people step the mast without the boom attached.
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    2017 Class Rule changes:

    Would the class rules allow for a gyroscopically-stablized self-tacking mast mount for your compass? Seriously, I hope they come up with something similar to the white plastic spider. I’ve used it for 20 years with no trouble with my Silva/Nexus.
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    Gel coat repairs

    That's a pretty common spot to get cracks in the gelcoat. I think it's due to the fiberglass and gelcoat having different coefficients of expansion. As long as the fiberglass underneath is solid and doesn't flex, it's mostly cosmetic. I second Emilio's opinion to just go sailing.
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    I'm a laser owner... Again.

    For the record, I don't think the AYI of the company I found from Seattle has anything to do with the AYI from the hull ID on Chuso's boat. However, Camet showing up in both places is a strange coincidence.
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    I'm a laser owner... Again.

    That something loose inside are probably the cubitainer floatation devices. They are there to give the hull some positive buoyancy should it get filled with water.
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    I'm a laser owner... Again.

    Checking the "AYI" hull ID code against American manufactureres, I get this: ADVENTURE YACHTS INC MIC: AYI Status: Inactive Company: ADVENTURE YACHTS INC Company Official: JUTTE, PATRICK Parent Company: Parent MIC: Previous Company 1: CAMET INTERNATIONAL (OOB) Previous...