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    Restoring an 1976 Vanguard Intl. 470

    Yes, the forestay is only there to keep the mast upright with the rig untensioned. All the tension is in the jib luff wire. Sounds like you already figured out what to do with shock cord and the forestay when the rig is tensioned. The magic box is an older system for the jib tension. Now...
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    Restoring an 1976 Vanguard Intl. 470

    Thinking back many moons when I sailed 470s. Given there are so many different manufacturers and so many different national authorities with their own numbering, it isn't like Lasers where a sail number is assigned to each hull by the builder. I believe when you buy a 470, it is up to you to...
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    Can i change the vang hardware on my mast and boom? Does all hardware align to the same holes? Or will i need to drill new holes?

    LaLi is right. Don't change the spar fittings without good reason. With the classic vang setup, you can add shackles and swivels as needed. I'm not sure how the upgraded vang setup would work, but it could probably be done. Personally for a boat of this age, I would just stick with the...
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    Storing Laser outside on 2 bunkers

    Storing it upside down on the rack would be best for stress on the hull. Storing it upright on the dolly will speed your launch retrieval time. If you can figure out a way to get the dolly up on to the rack, more power to you. People who don't sail small dinghies, or at least not very often...
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    Christmas break Laser regattas

    There's the Orange Bowl regatta, but probably too far a drive. Not sure if there is an adult Laser class either.
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    50th Sunfish Worlds

    Seems like everything is broken down.
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    Anyone ever pulled one of these out?

    So is that what they looked like before you pulled them out, or did the process of removal destroy them? Of course the boat will work without them, it's just emergency floatatiion in case the hull is filled with water. Sorry, don't know how many are supposed to be in there.
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    20th Annual Sunfish Race Around Harker's Island, Outer Banks, NC, July 23-25

    Bo-furt, NC and Bew-furt, SC. The locals get very mad when you pronounce it the wrong way.
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    Anyone with the Right On trailer?

    None with my trailer. Just keep your bearings lubricated. I would recommend some Bearing Buddies. Many people don't like that the smaller wheels spin at high RPMs, and I get that. However, Mr. Kitty Hawk himself told me that the bearings are rated by both RPMs and load. They aren't carrying...
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    ILCA 80?

    Class would probably not maintain any ownership history going that far back. If you are in the US, the state might have records of the hull number if it was ever registered (depends upon the state). As for it being potentially stolen. I don't think I'd worry about that.
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    ILCA 80?

    Yeah unless it is clear what it comes with and what is missing, don't mess with that boat. That's a hull for someone whose own hull just got trashed but has all the other pieces. Don't buy somebody else's problem.
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    Spar caddy

    My issue with the Intensity four-spar carriers is they are a bit tall. The older three-spar carriers will fit better under a top cover, but I think are no longer available.
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    2020 Laser Performance Race Version Package

    Reiteration of what Rob said above. These are not class legal boats, not for the class youi've known for decades. "The Laser Class" is a European offshoot created by Laser Performance after years of disagreement with the actual class association, ILCA. Dinghy Shop has every right to sell...
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    ILCA Hall of Fame Welcomes Tillman

    From the Sunfish class: His decline in health became public a few weeks ago. I think the award was rushed through to avoid making it posthumous. Long overdue in any case.