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    New boom blocks

    Assuming the new upper mast is indestructible, it wouldn't make sense financially. A new composite (not carbon) upper is $495 compared to $330 for a boom. And if the upper does break, it bet it would be in a spectacular manner leaving it completely unusable for a boom build.
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    DIY Easy Seitech Dolly Tire Repair - Inner tube insert

    There is always the brake cleaner/flame trick to seat the bead of a new tire. Do so at your own risk, and remove the valve stem first
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    Olympic status

    All the documentation mentions "ILCA", but we all know the bogeyman in all of this is LP. While I agree with what AlanD said, I wonder how movitated LP will be to continue cooperating with World Sailing and the ILCA if Olympic status is lost.
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    Performing a 360 penalty

    Let's assume it is at the upwind mark. If you gybe first you would have to bear away, gybe, head up, tack, then bear away again. Conversely, you could tack, bear away, then gybe. It seems to me the latter would be faster to do. Applying the same logic at the leeward mark, you would gybe...
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    The newer "Ice blue" lasers look white until you see one next to an older vela grey boat. it is a very slight bluish tint.
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    Head First

    You couldn't plan a photo like that.
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    Laser 28

    I'm working on a new boat design myself. I'm going to call it the Laser Aero. Either than, or the Aerofish. I think I may need to talk with my lawyers.
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    Laser 28

    Piggy-backing on the Laser name obviously goes back decades. I think it only really took hold with the Laser II.
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    Laser 28
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    Closed starting line

    One thing I have seen is a closed line with a 50 boat fleet and a single start. That is a LONG line, forcing you to pick a side at the start of each leg and sticking with it regardless of what the wind does.
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    Closed starting line

    I have an issue when it is applied and there is only on start.
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    Closed starting line

    With a closed line, you can only cross the line during your start. When sailing other upwind or downwind legs of the race, you cannot cross through the line. The intent is to keep the line clear for other starts. For a open line, this is not a concern. It only really make sense to use when...
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    Corrosion on mast fittings

    If you are already going to the trouble of drilling everything out, I would through-bolt the fittings when putting everything back together instead of re-riveting.
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    Sail number

    On a boat that old, look under the bow eye.
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    What Is This?

    I was going to say it was an M-rig. Didn't know early Radials used the same halyard bracket contraption. My advice for an M-rig would be to just throw it away. Old thread on the M-rig: Laser M rig