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    Is this a Sunfish or modified?

    From 20 feet it looks like they did a decent job filling in the center board slot. One good morning of heavy rain while hunting will swamp though.
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    Vintage Alcort Wooden Sunfish - SOLD

    Nice idea. Get a donation letter from a 501-C3 write off based on their appraised value you may be ahead in the long run financially...and have a good deed done to boot. Otherwise...if I saw this while at Hofstra yesterday I would have grabbed it!!! GLWTS
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    Getting ready

    Thank you...wasn't sure. Haven't had time to research everything but that one should have been near top of list!!!
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    Getting ready

    Assume it loads from the top....or how is it done on Remulak?
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    Getting ready

    Must have disappeared during transit. Otherwise wouldn't it have taken on water??
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    Getting ready

    Did the oxy clean scrub a dub on top followed by el-cheapo bleach, in sun, as recommended by Alan. Now to the bottom. Assume I'll use a bit of elbow grease to get crud off bow and then repeat what I did on top?? Does this bailer look ok? Seller had boat in water when I looked at it so assume...
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    I have a soft spot.....

    Freaking outstanding sir!! Thank you for posting
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    I have a soft spot.....

    We did move the boat and I did not hear any loose items rolling around. On old larger boats (with cabins), there will be delamination on decks but I'm not familiar with the construction of a Sunfish. And the soft spot here is on the hull, not top.Are they solid glass?
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    I have a soft spot.....

    Well actually another Sunfish I've looked at does. Been stored outside under a tree for years, bow handle is ripped out of boat, bailer ball is shriveled to the size of a pea and underside has some spots that are very soft and oil can with very little pressure. Rudder fitting on stern is bent...
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    Hull Painting Below waterline

    Rustoleum Topsides is commonly used on canoes and sea kayaks. I've done 3. While a canoe isn't as fast as a Sunfish you probably don't take a Sunfish through rocky Class III rapids. It holds up well above and below waterline. My canoes have spent up to a week in the water on extended trips...
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    I headed back up to camp Friday and swung by the house where i found it. Turns out it was her sisters that she had bought at an auction. Lady kindly called the sister who allowed me to come over...about 20 miles in NW Adirondacks. My heart dropped at the site of a very large homemade wind...
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    Question on a mainsheet block

    Nice to see a fellow CNY native on board. Ill bring the Hinderwadle salt potatoes you bring the Florentines cannolis
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    As is the mast I'm beginning to find!! Some great suggestions regarding making a replacement on Skinnyhull on FB. I'm heading up to camp to baptize the new Sunfish this weekend. I'll swing by the house were I bought the Grumman to see if they might have it. BTW... Your bridge gave me some...
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    Bottom compound and wax

    I know this is an older thread but I have a bit more experience in canoes vs sail. Canoe racing/long distance cruisers never wax the bottom. It is the water sticking to the hull making the boat slicker in the water phenom mentioned above by USMC Spike. Sorry...I'm loving the great search...
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    Buying a Used Sunfish

    Outstanding deal!! Good for you and good luck with her!