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    Inspection Port?

    I agree with Mike, the 6" port is the more popular size. I have used all three 3M products (Marine Silicon, 4200 and 5200) as sealants. As noted above and I agree, use stainless steel or nylon fasteners that match the type of screw hole in the flange, either countersunk or flat bottom. The deck...
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    Hi, Im new.........

    After your lessons with the Capri, you will need to practise with the Sunfish, especially righting it after a capsize. A Sunfish, with your body being closer to the water than in the Capri is a "wet boat" meaning you will get wet more often than not from bow spray, large wakes and waves you...
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    How many inspection ports?

    On a pre '72 SF (ie: without the rear storage compartment) you will need a 4" port in the rear wall of the cockpit. Mine is centered vertically and inline with the bailer. After installing the port and the hiking strap, I have not opened it again.
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    Vintage Alcort Sunfish sail - stored for years

    ct, Just took a look at your sale on *bay, does it bring back memories. We had a yellow decked Sunfish that came with the same sail (lable is also the same - Ratsey & Lapthorn). Your sail is about 40 years old as the SF we had was a 1969 or 1963 (boat is long gone unfortunatley), I couldn't...
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    Dolly Cushion Cap from Seimar

    Since it is from the originator of the Seitech Dolly, it sounds like they are trying to improve the Dolly.
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    HELP decoding my sunfish?

    Not much else can be read from the S/N. The "C" (last letter) means it was made in October. AMF SF have been pretty good. they have the cockpit cubby hole and the newer style rudder. The only major change was to the deck hull joint, from a flat joint with aluminum trim to a rolled joint in 1987...
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    HELP decoding my sunfish?

    You have a 1983 Sunfish made by AMF
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    Inspection Ports on old SF -- (2) six inches okay? Y/N?

    Petrel, I use a 6" port up front behind the splash rail and a 5" port to do the rudder upgrade and used ss screws and 3M Marine Silicon to attach and seal. I tried the "Great Stuff' foam in a can, and it works as long as you don't sail. :) First time you sail in a little chop or bounce...
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    Were do I go

    You could always do what the astronauts do (or is it doo?), wear diapers.:)
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    Inspection Ports/Deck Plates

    Porpoise2, OK, I climb back in over the side by the cockpit, there I have the cockpit rim, hiking strap and top of the daggerboard for places to grip and pull myself on (haven't had any problems with the SF wanting to turn over "again"). No port in the way to crawl over. And we both agree...
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    Daggerboard Ideas

    Go to your local hardwood dealer and get a piece of mahogany to make a new board (about 1" x 10" x 48") the length you want since you are not racing. Make sure it is not too thick or it won't fit in the slot. Diagrams and demensions are in the rules. Also get enough wood to make your handles...
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    Inspection Ports/Deck Plates

    Why textured? The port in front of the daggerboard is too far forward to sit on and the rudder port is too far back. All the texture does is trap dirt and look ugly. Saving a couple of bucks by getting the snap in style does not make "cents". You had to modify them to put a handle on them to...
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    Trailer set-up: axel to bow, etc

    Double post - deleted .
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    Trailer set-up: axel to bow, etc

    All, The measurement from bow to axel is not quite as important as the weight the trailer applies to the hitch (tounge weight). Common practice is about 15% of the total trailer weight (trailer, boat and any accessories). I have a conventional gavanized trailer and the tounge weight is about...
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    Inspection Ports/Deck Plates

    Here are four photos of my rear port; 1 - Lid, no bag 2 - No lid, no bag 3 - Bag, no lid 4 - Bag and Lid As you can see from picture 3, the cat bag has just a drawsting closure that is in no way water tight.