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    Mini Fish Rigging Dagger, Sail, Spars, Gooseneck, and Mast

    Mini Fish sail, boom/spar mounted with sail rings and line, Mast, Gooseneck, plus dagger board for sale. Last time I looked was in good shape. Probably you must be local. I still have hull for free to buyer, needs lots of TLC. and HUGS.
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    All the right stuff here. $ 750.00 for 1975 model, crisp sail, modern rudder, dagger board, good sheet and halyard lines, new cockpit self bailor, aft cockpit cubby, lite hull, sails well, decent shape. Does have repair at bow. Trailer not inc. 860-841-4258. BILL. Local delivery possible.
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    Sunfish complete

    Lite boat complete. Ready to sail today. Isn't perfect. The gunwhales. are painted, not the bottom. $ 495. $ 450.
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    Used Sunfish Wanted in New England

    Have 1996 BICENTENNIAL Sunfish in showroom condition. Have sailed it once a week this season, bone dry. This boat was stored in basement for 22yrs. It is listed in for sale section, East Hampton Ct.
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    1969 sunfish: dry and light

    The rudder is perfectly designed for this boat and in excellent condition. Everything is excellent on this boat as reflected in the price for someone looking to sail, not repair, and appreciate nice boat.
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    1969 sunfish: dry and light

    Yes, boats prior to 1972 have the "old" reliable rudders, which are perfectly designed for their hulls and this one performs as well as any "new" boat. In fact I beat a 1976 boat on every tack with this 1969. DEMO available.
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    Stored in basement last 22 yrs. unbelievable good showroom condition with original collectible sail. Deck is a Pearl White gelcoat which is the first I have seen. Model year 1976. Hull has one scratch on bottom. Gunwhale aluminum rail is flawless. I doubt new boats coming off the line are this...
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    1969 sunfish: dry and light

    Sailed it last year late season, perfect original style fish. This fish is ready to go. New sheet and halyard line, plus the secret sunfish knot. The sail is a new Alcort mfg. and was in unopened bag! Pic taken last week. Any takers for $ 595.00 with the sail I was replacing? SOLD
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    1978 Sunfish

    Tom. I'm in East Hampton. Have 5. Tried to start program here, they either hate me or love power boats. Contact me.
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    Drying out a Sunfish

    I've read about hair dryers and light bulbs to dry a fish out. I got bored in New England Feb. I made a cover for pellet stove ex. Blower to create volume and piped it up. I took like 125 lbs. Off this hull. Did use hair dryer for awhile too. I think I got it somewhere 140 #. Ran blower and...
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    Naming the boat

    I found a name. BUNCH OF KITTENS. Esp. If you'really racing. If you win, the other boat has to say they were beat by a BUNCH OF KITTENS. If you loose, we'll the other boat has to say they beat a BUNCH OF KITTENS.
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    What should I expect to pay?

    I sold a late 60's last year with original Sunrise Sail, good shape but heavy $ 500. I bought a 1976 decent with a sail of good used value (put on new sail) for $400 and just had it out two weeks ago and it handles like a dream, better in fact than our 1998 family sunfish. I thought I let...
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    mast tube

    Hi, I am in the same boat. I have circular base and I also had a hole so I know the bottom is the hull.
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    Sunfish Wanted to buy

    You wouldn't believe it if I told you. My daughter found a nicer Sunfish than mine, I couldn't catch her, sold mine, and need another. At the present time I would rather buy a late model Sunfish than admit I can't sail.