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    Laser in Denmark Wanted

    Hey, I'm looking for a laser thats for sale in denmark. Preferably one in good condition but must come with everything, except for ropes (better if it has). Price range: 0-20,000 dkr
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    Which control lines are best?

    haha i mean what type of rope would that be? the one that i have. Just wondering so if people ask i know exactly what it is.
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    Which control lines are best?

    haha ok, mine is dyneema with a polyester cover. what would that be?
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    Which control lines are best?

    Yeah its cool but i think vectran is a bit too elastic, thats why i like non stretch spectra
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    Which control lines are best?

    I use spectra ropes with polyester cover for my control ropes. I've heard plain dyneema is good for control lines. What do you think is best?
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    Depowering Laser 4.7 sail

    Hey, I just got a new Laser sail from North sails and the first time I used it was in an international regatta. The wind was really blowing on the first day and it seemed that the cunningham wasnt working very well. It might be cause its a new sail but the hole for the cunningham wouldnt touch...