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    What should I do with the ol' girl?

    Hi Brian, I live up in Oxnard and own a Fish as well. I've sailed a couple of times out past the breakwater and into the Channel. Folks are amazed to see such a small boat out surfing the swells. What year is your fish? I keep mine down at Channel Islands Landing for $7.50 a month. Its...
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    Wanted - Used Sunfish Hull California

    I'm looking for a 1980 or newer hull. Don't need the mast, sail, spars, daggerboard, or rudder. Would prefer it to be relatively dry and clean. Will pickup. Please email me at Regards, BG
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    81 and 87 hulls, central Texas

    Do you still have your 87 hull for sale? Thanks, Bruce
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    Need Spars for Sunfish in Central California

    Through a series of unfortunate events (really, no kidding), my Sunfish spars got bent. Email me and I'll tell you the whole story. In the meantime, I need both upper and lower spars. Preferably in CA, but willing to consider shipping if the price is right from other locations. Thanks in...
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    Sunfish Parts

    Are the spars in good shape? If so, can you email me with a price? Thanks. Bruce
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    Help with hauling a Sunfish!

    What is the preferred method of putting the boat on and taking it off of the roof solo? I've beat my car up trying to put it on by myself. I would add the caveat that my boat probably weighs more than the mean weight of most of the boats out there. After all, it is a 1968. So I went with...
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    West Coast Sunfishin'

    Am still looking for a central coast sailing buddy. Anyone know of any other Sunfishers here in the Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, or Northern LA County? Am interested in heading out to Anacapa Island on the fish and don't want to go alone. :confused: Thanks.
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    Help with hauling a Sunfish!

    Hi Mark, I hauled my 68 Sunfish from San Diego to Memphis on the roof of my Subaru Impreza, no problems. Used the stock roof rack and put pipe insulation around them to reduce chaffing. Three point tie in front, two point in back and used ratcheting type tie downs over the hull to the roof...