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    Hiking Pants

    I was in a similar situation as you about a month ago (had powerpads but no hiking pants) and can safely say that the powerpads do a very good job once mixed with the zhik microfleece 3/4 hikers. They keep the pads in place, and are quite comfortable.
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    Strange noise

    Could it be an outhaul/Cunningham block banging against a spar?
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    Occasional leak

    I have a '93 laser, which I have upgraded all the rigging and gotten everything settled in with, except for a pesky leak. Some days it drains a cup or so out, sometimes there's just moisture, and sometimes it's entirely dry. There are no common occurrences on these days that I can find...
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    AutoBailer not flush with hull

    Hello, I bought a '93 radial a couple months back with the intent of racing the junior sailing regattas in SoCal, and have just finished upgrading all the rigging, but one thing I cannot figure out how to fix, is the fact that the leading edge of my auto bailer sticks up a couple millimeters. I...