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    How long have you been sailing your Laser?

    Since 1982 I've sailed the same boat...
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    To buy or not buy with Inspection port

    Ginger - I wouldn't buy any used boat unless it came pre-installed with a Ginger :-)
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    Carbon Tiller and Extension

    Always a good idea. Coast Guard posted a gale force warning today - the winds are at 30-35 knots :-) Unfortunately, I'm stuck with no tow vehicle :-(
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    Broken - Rooster Carbon Tiller

    +1 :-)
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    Carbon Tiller and Extension

    Well, there you go :-) Good thing you clarified that for us- I went out and looked at my tiller from every angle to try and see how it could possibly be broken ;-)
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    Carbon Tiller and Extension

    I'd agree with you for the most part. I've been running my original teak tiller since '82but it's split by the universal many times over the years and each time I chop a little more off of it and then re-install the universal.... As you can probably guess - it's gotten shorter over the years...
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    Broken - Rooster Carbon Tiller

    What happened to the pomised 'far east' tiller review? This would have been helpful for me as I tried to research it before buying. Nevertheless, I ordered one last week and it showed up today. I got it from Intensity and for the sake of others curious for real-world information - it's awesome...
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    Carbon Tiller and Extension

    I just bought one of those 'far east' tillers - it showed up yesterday and it's awesome. The build quality on it is amazing. I'd highly recommend it. The majority of my sailing is done in 30 +knots so I'm really picky about what goes on my boat. I can tell right off the bat that this tiller...
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    Far East Carbon Tiller

    I just got mine yesterday - it's awesome. The build quality is perfect. I'm loving it :-)
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    Mast step preventative maintenanace

    Agreed with one caveat. My boat's mast step leaked but only under pressure (initially). So I would fill it with water, no leak. Go sailing, leak. With the help of the folks on this forum I did an excellent repair and I know for a fact it will never, ever break or leak again. I value my boat a...
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    Leaky Mast Step

    Thank you! :)
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    advice on beach landing desperately needed

    I gave up on impressing the girls on the beach with a cool landing long ago :eek: I tried it a few times when I was younger (thinking I'd be the hero) and ended up with egg on my face every time :rolleyes: These days the best I can come up with is quickly turning the boat into the wind at the...
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    clam cleat question

    Normally I'd agree with you but my plan is going to be replacing the plastic cleats with metal ones and in that case I don't really see myself removing them again. My preference would be knowing they are truly stuck in place and that I didn't have to revisit them :) I'm wondering if, in my...
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    clam cleat question

    Alan, you brought up a really interesting point, moving the fittings... I checked the rules in your sig file and there is a picture in there that seems to show that the traveler's clam cleat can be located anywhere from 684mm to 796mm from the rear of the boat..... If my interpretation is...
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    clam cleat question

    Well, here's a question for you... each of the two cleats (the cunningham and the traveler) has one loose screw. So, what I'm thinking is this, why not just mix up some west, coat the loose screw with it, and glue it into place? In short, use West as both a sealant and a glue :eek: :D