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    Looking at getting back into sailing lasers

    Mission Bay my man. MBYC is where most of the regatts take place. Niils is the guy.
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    Fall Newsletter...Very Nice!!

    All of you ancients should answer the Masters Survey on pag 27. Topic is splitting the locations of the Masters Midwinters and the regular Midwinters. Wish they would have put an email address to reply to. Me? I would love to sail the Masters Mid Winters in warm weather for a change...
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    Anonymous Posters and The Forum

    This is about as slanderous as I will allow myself to become. Fred, I am on a first name basis with a local shrink. I have found this necessary after reading some of your insightful thoughts of late. He is willing to double up so we can save a bit on fees. Pal....its time......If need be, we...
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    Killing Sailing in Texas...A primer for the rest of us

    "Why are we going to Clearwater YC when it's COLD there? Why not go in March? Or early April? Breeze is still on, weather is much better!" Boy, the above is close to my heart! March is SO much nicer. The lousiest, coldest sailing I ever do is in FL in February. (and I live in Buffalo!)...
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    You just won the lottery - where do you sail?

    June thru September...Bay Beach Ontario...Buffalo Canoe Club. Rest of the time...any place but there!
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    Cool Guys

    The class hierarchy, other than Tracy, ought to once in a while chime in. The list is gone...this is it....the primary means of communication in the class. When I see all these genius' in FL (although I think Tracy might actuallly be one, which of course pisses me off (kididng)) I iwll, of...
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    Winter Maintenance DO IT NOW!!!!!

    OK ain't comin....haven't been on this site for a week or so cuz I'm trying to get my act together to go South. Got all the stuff packed. Will put the boat on top of land yacht tomorrow. Out'a here on Wednesday blah, blah, blah. Palm Beach Sailing Club sez I can camp there if I...
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    Cool Guys

    So how come the cool guys don't post on this forum. Too cool I guess. We aint reachin out.
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    Winter Maintenance DO IT NOW!!!!!

    I ain't doin any of that stuff! Puttin my boat on top of my land yacht and leavin for FL next Wednesday. FL masters in W. Palm then clinic at Jensen Beach, then Midwinter masters in Clearwater. And Fred...I've got the Holiday Inn for Fri and Sat night. Right at the bridge, launching the...
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    Wanted: Fanatic YOUNG Class Management

    So why don't you come to the mid-winters in FL this year? m.
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    Active Racing in Rochester NY

    Send Charlie Williamson an email. He is district Secretary. Look on the Laser website. District 9 has a bunch of 1 day regattas starting in May. They are also Empire State (NY) Games qualifiers if you are interested. Methinks we start in Ithaca, then Cazanovia Lake near Syracuse, Newport...
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    Naples FL area sailing

    or going the other way...Sarasota Sailing Squadron has a bunch also.
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    Naples FL area sailing

    In Ft. Myers, the Edison Sailing Center is the place. Don't know who is who, but if you contact Kurt or Meka Taulbee at, they can tell you.
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    Appreciation for The NA Officers and Management

    Laser Lu Could it be??!!! "I know a Laserite (that moved from the east-coast of the USA to the region of Europe/Asia) that finally had nearly the same form of inveterate hate. This is proved by all the good email-contact I had with him (some of that is to find at TLF). You know him much...
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    Appreciation for The NA Officers and Management

    Fred, Virtually all the people you mention have moved on......that was a miserable time for the class and you, but you are still here! The others are not! Maybe it is time to use your considerable energy to promote the organization from within as you used to do so well. I am sure Tracy...