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    Laser Bottom Masts x 3

    Im interested in the masts...possibly all three. Where are you located? Please email to: Cheers.
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    Clothing- Wetsuit alternative?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've last posted here, but I've just joined the Newport frostbiting fleet so now I'm trying to decide what will work best to stay warm. A lot's already been covered and I plan on going out with a 4:3 wetsuit, hat, boots and gloves to start. Just wondering...
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    On and Off for hull cleaning?

    Try using Soft Scrub first. Apply it with a sponge and once you've got the hull nice and covered in foam and soap suds, let it sit for a 15 minutes. If you can do this in the sun, even better. Then Rinse off and repeat. Soft Scrub has bleech, so letting the suds sit gives the bleach time to do...
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    Laser and laser accessories

    Do you still have the lower mast section avaliable and can you ship it??
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    Laser Radial Rig for sale

    I have an MK6 Laser Radial sail in very good condition and a Radial bottom section from the eighties in good condition. Sail:,1&item=280010958959&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT...
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    laser inspection port 2001

    Personally, I would not cut anything into my boat untill it starts leaking. From experience and what other sailors have said, no matter HOW much silicon you use those things leak anyways. Is it possible that what you hear rolling around inside are the cubitainers (plastic flotation devices)...
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    Reusable Spray Can

    I have used the Prevals with gelcoat and it was a major pain in the butt. I would seriously consider rolling and tipping Perfection or Awlgrip.
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    Daggerboard and Rudder for sale

    Thank you, and yes, I did do them myself. They turned out looking great and I hope they get used well just the way they were intended to over 30 years ago!
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    Daggerboard and Rudder for sale

    I have a nice set of Laser blades up for bid on eBay. I'd like to see them go to somebody from the Forum community!
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    Painting a laser hull

    Since I started my hobby/buisness One Design Retsoration where I restore Lasers, I have studied the class rules thoroughly and have asked many officals their opinions. What I have recieved is quite clear: If you have an older boat with defects that you would like to repair/restore then it is...
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    Is change good for the Laser class??

    In the Summer 2005 issue of The Laser Sailor, Vanguard is quoted as saying, "The end result is a Carbon Section that is about 12% more flexible and about 50% higher breaking strength than the typical aluminum section." The article aslso goes on to say, "The Laser World Council placed a goal...
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    De-powering a Laser Radial Upwind

    When they say cunningham they mean CUNNINGHAM!! When it's really blowing out there and I can't hold the boat flat I have it cranked on so the eyelet is at the gooseneck. If I know it's going to be windy out there, I'll rig the cunningham on one side of the boom so I can get it down even further...
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    '06 Colors

    Here's a link to a page of photos from the 2005 Laser 4.7 Worlds currently being held in Barrington, Rhode Island. This first link is the yellow and the second link is the blue.
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    '06 Colors

    Hey George, would you mind posting a picture whenever you get an '06 boat in stock?
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    '06 Colors

    Please send me a PM or better yet e-mail one to: onedesignrestoration @ Cheers!