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    Rule 18 at WW mark

    One point of clarification is that WW and LW (section a and b) rules do not actually turnoff at the zone; it's just that the rule 18 begins to apply. I agree with the rest of the comment as rule 18.2(c) turns off 18.2(b) when one of the boats passes head to wind. Essentially they will be left...
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    How to Carry Dolly with a Kitty Hawk Trailer?

    This is exactly how I do it except I use short piece of rope rather than bunge and it works perfectly.
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    Practicing Alone

    To paraphrase a couple of the drills from the book try: If you're willing to set some marks, set a start line with a winward marks just a short distance upwind and then treat the starting marks as a gate and practices all sorts of starts and then alternate leeward roundings between the marks...
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    Towing with a Subaru Impreza

    I would be really surprised if the Impreza could not pull a laser. Certainly the owners manual will shed more light on the matter. You're looking at approximately 150lbs for laser, spars, & misc and another 100-120 lbs for the trailer. A manual transmission is an added plus when towing, as...
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    Practicing Alone

    For mark rounding practice, I have found that placing the marks very close together so that sorting out the sequence and control lines happens quickly and utlimately instinctively. There are some drills at at the end of Paul Goodison's book that I have found helpful. Holding position with...
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    Practice sails for local racing

    I ran into a similar situation with a new fleet starting up. The case I tried to make in the early days is that using practice sails would be an effective way for older boats to easily upgrade and being more competitive (due to a newer sail not because of performance differences in the sail)...
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    Why Have an Association? philosophical discussion??

    I think the Laser Sailor adds value due to the articles and features but not for the schedules as others have mentioned. Schedules are a moving target. While I'm sure improvements can and should be made, the class office have supported the growth of my local fleet and they have reached out to...
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    tech savvy laser sailors?

    I recently purchased a camera and am working on a stern mount system--just haven't had the time to experiment with some ideas just yet. I had some success with the bow mount but could not see some of the details I was hoping to. Roxio is a good editing software and supports a lot of digital...
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    Video Setup from the stern

    Thanks for link to the other thread; they covered some good camcara options. I'm going to give this camara a try , though I'm still looking for a way to mount the camara head from the stern so I have the rudder in view. I have an idea of using a flat sheet of...
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    Need a recommendation (equipment carry bag)

    I have the intensity bag as well and it's still on sail for $69. It's intelligently designed, balanced, and good quality. Hard to beat!
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    Paint Laser Hull Pink

    Pink Hull---why not! If it gets her out on the water having fun that's pretty cool. It's an early 80s hull so I doubt the resale value would suffer too much if at all. Besides, it might be just enough to get other girls into the sport when it comes time to sell it.
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    Video Setup from the stern

    I am interested in setting up a laser to shoot video from the stern to use as a learning aid. 1) Does anyone have pictures or can recommend a resource who makes a removable mounting devise for this purpose? Something like what was used for making the Rooster DVD is what I had in mind. 2)...