Video Setup from the stern

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I am interested in setting up a laser to shoot video from the stern to use as a learning aid.

1) Does anyone have pictures or can recommend a resource who makes a removable mounting devise for this purpose? Something like what was used for making the Rooster DVD is what I had in mind.

2) Can you recommend a particular inexpensive yet durable water proof video camara or camara/case combination that would work well for this purpose?

I asked some motorcycle guys what they use to film their rides and they pointed me toward the HERO cameras at

It looks like their helmet hero wide camera would be great for laser videos (and mountain biking videos - which is something else i'd like to record). The webpage says it is waterproof to 100 feet!

I have no experience with these - so I can't really endorse 'em - but they look pretty cool to me!
Wow.... those look like a great thing for me to blow some cash on!!!! I wonder if the textured nature of the deck would limit the ability of the suction cup to stay on the boat? I imagine a surf board would run into similar issues with the wax and some sand on the deck of the board... Hmm... i'm going to have to fgure it out :cool:
They have a special one made for surfboards that looks like it has a special stick-on mount. I'll bet that one would be perfect for a Laser. I doubt that the suction cup would stick to the textured surface, but I'm sure I'll figure out a way to attach it if/when I get one
mmhhmmm... i feel the same way.... 5 yrs of college andplent of engineering should have at least taught me a way to attach a camera to my laser!!!
I have been toying with the idea of my Olympus still camera (the waterproof and shock proof one 720SW) set on movie (with a good SD card I get about 45 minutes of video at the highest resolution) attached to a mini tripod which is cable tied or gaffa taped to the bow, or the stern, or the boom or the mast etc.

I havent done it yet but total cost would be less than $400 AU but you might get the camera cheaper i bought mine about 3-4 years ago.
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Thanks for link to the other thread; they covered some good camcara options. I'm going to give this camara a try , though I'm still looking for a way to mount the camara head from the stern so I have the rudder in view. I have an idea of using a flat sheet of plexiglass and cutting it into a big U or horse shoe so that the rudder is not obstructed and the camara would mount just aft of the rudder on the plexi. The legs of the plexiglass would be pretty thin and would slide under the traveler with 90 bends into the cockpit. I might add a clamping mechanism to the gunwhale as well. This seems a little cumbersome and was just wondering if there is something a little simpler and off the shelf that would be sturdy and safe enough to withstand wipeouts.
How about some plastic tubing glued onto a bung and put in the transom drain hole. This could be angled by careful gluing on of the bung.

You would probably need extra support to stop it unscrewing, maybe utilising the rudder pins.

Just a thought, and sounds a lot less hassle than a sheet of plexi
If you can find someone with the boat whisperer dvd, Steve C uses what looks to be just a couple pieces of bent aluminum tubing that are probably bolted to the gunwale near the stern and projects up and back at about a 30 deg angle to the deck.
or maybe go to the rooster website and ask steve C for some info on his setup.


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I have a olympus waterproof camera, (10m) and grabbed my wifes gps holder. It has a large sucker that goes on the inside of your wind screen and a foam clicker thing that ratchets in to hold the gps (or small camera). The arm can be twisted into any position and the whole thing cost 20 bucks. The only thing is that its not 100% reliable so attach a line from both to something!!. Also the ripple on ur gel coat isnt smooth enough to get a proper suction but the one i got had a rubber pad that u can glue into spot (find somthin smooth and use silicon so it comes off easy and leaves no mess)

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We carry all the GoPro mounts and have tested them all on Lasers, I've used offset mast mounts effectively and would be happy to walk you through some options.

Please let me know if I can help,

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