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    Sunfish Parts - New Class Legal

    I bought a sail from Craig and it was just like described. He was easy to deal with, fast communications, very fair shipping... Now if only he had a few more daggerboards!
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    New 14.2 Owner, sort of...

    Thanks Bob, makes sense. Real tough to get a look inside with the mid 3 the way the door is hinged to open upward instead of down. I'll need to change that if I want to use the bow space. Cheers, Jerry
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    Any mod 3 owners rotate the hatch 180 degrees?

    I ask as it's difficult to get at the bow storage with it opening upward instead of down.
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    New 14.2 Owner, sort of...

    Ok, had a Mod 1 before and occasionally raced with my then 12-14 year old daughter. Anyway, she moved onto other interests (big surprise) and I moved through a Capri 22 and a Johnson 18, now back to 14.2. My lovely daughter is now 25, game to race again and I just picked up a nice Mod 3, hull...
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    For Sale: Capri 14.2 in San Luis Obispo $3000

    Pictures? Please email pics if still available to Regards, Jerry
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    For Sale: Capri 14.2 with extra's for sail

    Still available? Can you tell me if your boat is still FS? I live in San Diego. Regards, Jerry
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    2000 Laser w/trailer, all updates...

    I forgot to mention the bottom rear corner of the centerboard is repaired and not perfect. I'm happy email pictures of any detail you'd like a larger image of so let me know. P.S. I'm selling the boat because my kids are done with college and I'm able (as in not broke) to get back into a...
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    2000 Laser w/trailer, all updates...

    Really clean Laser with a good class legal sail and a new Intensity Sail for practice and local racing. Rig is fully updated with all the tweaks including new blocks for the boom and traveler. Comes with a solid and road worthy trailer. Boat is garage kept and still nice and shiny. Take a...
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    2000 Standard Rig - With Trailer

    Clean White and Dark Blue West Coast boat that's kept in the garage. Comes with a solid trailer, excellent crisp class main and a new Intensity Sails training main. Boat has all the new rig updates and fresh lines. I'll get pictures posted tomorrow, but email if there is something specific...
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    Where is the best place to buy sails?

    I would recommend a sail from Intensity Sails. Really no different from the class legal sail if the example I received is typical. For me, I need to get some hours on the boat and it would be crazy to trash the class legal sail. Their sail is under $200 and the class legal sail is over $500...
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    New Laser Sailboat Parts for Sale
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    Nearly new Seitech dolly for sale; near Toronto

    I mean no disrespect but there is a dealer selling these new in the states for just over $400so unless you've already sold your dolly you may need to drop your price.
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    Sort of New Rig Photos Page

    Ok, so I picked up everything I needed to update the outhaul, vang, ets... and I opened up the box and well, instructions were somewhat lacking. I did my best and took some photos and would like input from others regarding: 1. Did I rig properly? 2. Any suggested changes? Here's the page...