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    Furler angle

    There is no forestay. The jib has a luff wire so it is the forestay. I'm talking about the furler line rubbing hard on the top inside edge of the furler itself. Here are some terrible drawings of my issue and the fix I'm thinking about.
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    Both forestay and roller furling

    I dont have a pic of my setup but here is what is in the original manual. Its the same way i have it setup. Just a simple purchase on the halyard above the cleat.
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    Both forestay and roller furling

    I have a furler. I have never read about them failing. I like the furler acting as the stay because its easy to adjust shroud tension.
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    A ladder installed-with pictures

    Was the transom hollow there where you through bolted?
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    Mast step failure. Repair.

    The more tension in the shrouds the more down pressure in the mast. You will just have to reglass it and put in a new block in. It is not necessary to glass over the wood block though. That will actually catch the water and accelerate rot. Some through bolt the mast step to the wood and some...
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    Mounting Honda 2hp Motor

    I have opted for a 3.3hp 2 stroke mercury over a 55lb trolling motor. 1. Outboard will give you way more range. This is a factor that applies to me. 2. Outboard has more power period. A 30lb trolling motor may push just fine with no wind but if you are sailing somewhere where there is current...
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    New cruising sails

    Buying new sails, $ not really an issue.
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    Wanted: Used sails in good shape

    I'm in Jacksonville and have a main i will sell.
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    Wanted: Used Sails, Hiking Straps, Misc Parts

    For straps just buy a trailer wench strap that has a loop on both ends and cut in the middle. You just have to cut the hook off the one side.
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    New cruising sails

    Has anyone used any sails from the sail store or SLO sails or any other $600 or so sail? Whats the best bang for the buck? Just crusing, no racing.
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    For Sale:  Main Sail

    I've got a main sail that i think is the original from my 1988. It is in pretty good shape, i just did a major cleaning on it. It has 2 small tears, size on a pencil eraser. They have sail tape on them thats holding just fine cause it had clean sail to adhear to. Make an offer. I'm looking to...
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    Homemade tiller extensions

    has anyone made them? I need one for my capri 14. Was thinking of using a golfclub shaft.
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    Furler angle

    i just got a 14.2, its an 88 so mod 1. It has the furler jib setup but I've noticed that the furler sits at such and angle that the line rubs on it when it goes in and out. I'm contemplating putting a fairlead on the deck to run the line through so it spools and unspools properly on the furler.
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    Wanted:  Mod 1 hatch cover

    Looking for a hatch cover or detailed pics and specs so i can make 1. Its for a 1988 so Mod 1.