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New cruising sails


Has anyone used any sails from the sail store or SLO sails or any other $600 or so sail? Whats the best bang for the buck? Just crusing, no racing.


For casual cruising on past boats, I've bought used sails that were close but maybe not exact in measurement. Worked great and not expensive at all.

Alan j

New Member
Intesity sails.

I run a jy15 main withought a boom on light days.

A flying junior sail on heavy days or with kids.

I just purchased a squaretop for a 420
And it fits just fine.

The only thing with using sails cut for other boats is the tack mount. But a little bit of line and thought and your good to go.

Just got my square top 420 last week for 180$ and im excited to try it out after holidays