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    Laser Inspection Port Placement

    I'm in the process of installing an inspection port on my Laser (#25832). I'd like to install one so I can reinforce my mast step to help prevent it from breaking in the future. I know that a common place to put one is on the port/starboard side of the daggerboard trunk. Is this close enough to...
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    Are Old Lasers Slow?

    I recently bought a '76 Laser (#25832) made by Performance Sailcraft. The boat was completely refinished and the decks/mast step are both solid. I was wondering if the boat would be a competitive class racer. If the boat is in excellent condition, does the age really effect its performance? Any...
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    Something inside my Laser hull

    I recently bought a 1976 Laser that needed a bit of work to be race ready. However, when I was flipping the boat, I noticed something sliding around inside. It sounds like something fairly large but does not bang around when moved. The boat never had any inspection ports installed so I have no...