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Laser Inspection Port Placement


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I'm in the process of installing an inspection port on my Laser (#25832). I'd like to install one so I can reinforce my mast step to help prevent it from breaking in the future. I know that a common place to put one is on the port/starboard side of the daggerboard trunk. Is this close enough to the step to do a reinforcement job? I would rather not put one in the deck itself. Any advice would be appreciated.



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I would not be able to reach the mast tube from the daggerboard trunk. You can see how long your arm is by stretching it out above the deck. You'll need to be able to work pretty well around the mast step.

If you do go on the deck, I'd suggest either 4:30 or 7:30, using the bow of the boat as 12:00 and the stern as 6:00. And far enuf away from the centerline of the hull to avoid cutting into a centerline reinforcing rib underneath the deck, that's like 4 inches wide.

Bungo Pete

It will have to be in the deck itself and per above, avoid the centerline so as to not compromise the integrity of the support rib. When I do a mast tube, I usually place it directly abeam (9:00 using the system above). This way, you can get as close to the hull as possible when sticking your arm in. Secondly, most inspection ports have a flange to accommodate a fat bag. Given that one will never be used there, take a hack saw and cut it off BEFORE installing it. This is so that if you ever have to get your arm in there in the future, it will be much easier. I also through bolt mine, well, just because and it is the last thing you do. The first thing you do is to seal the core with epoxy where you cut the hole and let it cure thoroughly. Hope this helps.


Just something to check, probably too late now but maybe good for others. The last laser I did a port on had loose air tanks. I cut the hole using a power jig saw and just missed cutting through one. Next time I do it I'll tip the boat on it's stern first so they slide away from the mast area.