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    Wanted: used mainsail for Capri 14.2

    Please contact Jesus Arango @ 408-772-5128 jesus dot arango at gmail dot com
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    C14.2 as motor boat

    I would like to get some input with regards to using the C-14.2 as a motor boat (without sails). I am making a motor mount that can be placed in the middle of the transom without having to remove the pintle/gudgeons. I'd like to put a gas motor in it every once in a while to take the family out...
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    Capsize Recovery

    Hi, I have read that for recovering from a capsize one must try to climb on the centerboard. I weight 208 pounds. Will I break the centerboard ? Thanks Jesus
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    Hatch cover for 14.2?

    The hatch cover is easily made if you have a few basic tools like a saw. 1. Take some measurements 2. Buy plywood in Lowe's/Home depot. 3. Cut out the door. 4. Use mahogany wood stain 5. Cover with marine varnish for shiny look. Looks nicer than the factory one !!
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    gelcoat cracking

    Solarfry, This ename polyureathane paint that you used, is it a gelcoat ? Thanks Jesus