C14.2 as motor boat

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I would like to get some input with regards to using the C-14.2 as a motor boat (without sails). I am making a motor mount that can be placed in the middle of the transom without having to remove the pintle/gudgeons. I'd like to put a gas motor in it every once in a while to take the family out for small trips or to go finishing.

Is the capri maneurable as a gas motor boat ? Will the hull get flooded too much through the center board opening?

Turning a class racing sailboat into a Stink Pot? Geesh

No seriously... I wouldn't think it to be a huge problem. But I would keep the HP down, to 4hp or below. The transom (sp?) was just not designed for anything with too much thrust.

I use a 36lb thrust electric motor on my capri. With no headwind, she scoots along at nearly 5 knots. Of course it is offset, and I steer with the rudder, and doesn't mount on the gudeons, like you propose.

The 4hp 4 strokes from tohatsu, honda, and mercury, are light, in the 30-40lb range... but I really think that'd be pushing such a small craft, and certainly would put a strain on the fiberglass.
It won't have good stability due to the round bottom. It also will track funny trying to crab. That said, it will float and the motor will push it. I wouldn't hang too much of a motor on the transome as the boat was designed a sail boat. Check with the builder (Catalina Yachts in CA) for their answer. Good luck!