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    2010 Laser

    Still available
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    2010 Laser

    Sorry for the delay. I just texted you
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    2010 Laser

    The hull is in great condition. Always stored indoors for the winter and rarely used in the past 2 years. Includes: Seitech Dolly Top & Bottom Covers Blade Bag 3 Radial Sails (1 Racing and 2 Practice) All Upgraded Blocks and Lines Carbon Fiber Tiller Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension Feel free to...
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    Laser Radial/4.7 Lower Section - NJ

    I'm looking to purchase a used radial or 4.7 lower section. I'm located in NJ but I'd be willing to travel. I'll also be driving down to Florida in the next few weeks so I'd be able to meet up anywhere along the way. Thanks!
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    1975 Laser No. 22876, Full and Radial Rig

    Would you be willing to sell the radial lower section seperately?
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    2014 Atlantic City Race Week Leukemia Cup Regatta - July 19th

    The Atlantic City Race Week Leukemia Cup is a week away! Participants will be racing in the ocean off of Atlantic City. Both Laser Radial and Laser fleets are welcome. There is an minimum requirement of 15 year of age in order to ensure the safety of all sailors. While the regatta is a 3 day...
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    Tips for sailing at first big regatta

    I sailed in Junior Olympics last summer in a 66 boat fleet and my starts went pretty well. I'm definitely going to use this as a learning experience and just go to get better. I'm wondering if I should try to find a coach for the regatta? My coach can't go and it was nice at JO's to have someone...
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    Carbon Fiber Tiller

    I dont think you're in the right forum...
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    Tips for sailing at first big regatta

    I'm going to be sailing laser radial in Cork International Week next month and as it will be the first really big regatta that I've been to I really could use some advice/tips! Thanks, Dylan
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    Laser Performance XD Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension

    I'm selling a carbon fiber tiller extension in good condition. It was broken last year but professionally repaired and is now stronger than when I purchased it new. I'm asking $75 for it. I will attach pictures soon. Thanks, Dylan
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    Carbon Fiber Tiller

    I'm looking for a carbon fiber tiller in good condition. If you are interested in selling yours please let me know. Thanks, Dylan
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    Laser Trailer for Sale

    Still for sale?
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    Kitty Hawk trailer, Seitech dolly, Sails; Mayo, Maryland

    Is the sail still for sail? What condition is it in
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    Seitech Laser Combo Rack- upright loading of boat on trailer

    Do you have a picture of the actual trailer?
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    Looking For Laser 4.7 Rig

    I apologize but someone else sent me a payment already. I'll let you know if the deal falls through but I'm kind of obligated to sell it to them now.