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How to mount GoPro to Laser?


Hi, I just got a new GoPro HD and was wondering if anyone here has a secure way that they mount theirs to the laser? When i got it, i asked them what kit would work on a laser and they said the surfing one because it has the really sticky double sided tape mount. Does anyone know if this holds? I am just afraid with the non skid deck the water would get under the tape and it would loose its stickyness. Also, if anyone has a better way to do it I would love to know. I'm going sailing tomorrow and would love to use it so if the surfing one works it would be great, but I would rather be safe then sorry with my new camera so any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Try this thread. There's a couple ways people have used.
Yea I have looked at that, but it seems there were mixed opinions on the adhesive mount. Some saying it holds while others say it doesn't. I would like someone to personally give me a 100% along with details of where they put it and that it works for them along with details of where they put it before I try it.


I would try sticking it the best you can and just tie a thin line between the camera and the bow eye in case it comes lose
Ok sounds good. I think I'll just do that. I know the line wont come loose so I should be fine. If it does, I'll be posting on the scuba diving forums shortly haha.


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you could buy a tripod mount or make one out of the packaging that the gopro came in and then get a stsinless bolt with a wing nut, cut off the head of the bolt, and glue it in the tripod. then drill a hole in the plastic near the bow and put the tripod with the bolt through and secure it with the wing nut


I have a Sunfish, but also didn't want to try the adhesive mount that came with the Surf Hero. last summer, I made a little wooden bracket that hooks onto my tiller, back near the rudder. I liked the video angle and perspective from there (here's an example video I took last summer).
gopro mount Img0181_002.jpg

I upgraded to a newer Sunfish (2000) this spring, and the wooden bracket thing I made won't fit with the newer style rolled edges on the Sunfish, so I had to come up with a quick option. I had already bought one of the GoPro mount kits for mounting to the larger diameter tubes, so I mounted it out on the lower boom of the Sunfish, and am pretty happy with that perspective/view as well (here's an example video from that angle).

I also just played with different mounting angles with that mounting kit - my next time I might mount the camera up on the top of the upper boom looking down - the wide angle lens makes it really wild looking.



Wife got me a GoPro for my birthday, I stuck the mount to the bow eye, tied off a small line from the camera to the bow eye, so far its worked fine. Looking at the video afterwards has helped me improve my sailing quite a bit too!