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    Ziegelmayer for sale or charter for Miami (in Miami warehouse)

    Hey, I am interested in your boat. How much are you asking for it?
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    Gelcoat repair

    I am going to repair some scratches in the bottom of my laser. I was wondering if white gelcoat would match well with a 2008 laser color.
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    i was about 100 when i started 4.7's and it was really hard in wind but he will learn how to sail a laser well.
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    I personally came out of optis we have bics at our club and i now sail lasers. 4.7 is the way to go i sailed one for a while despite not having to race against and in breeze you can easily keep up with the radials upwind and they teach how to sail a laser well. Open bics would be a waste because...
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    Is laser the best boat for my stats?

    i would say finn if you live in a lighter wind area
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    Laser 4.7 Racing rig and practice sail, Rochester NY

    This rig includes a class legal 4.7 lower section, class legal racing sail with only three light wind reggatas on it, and a barely used Intensity practice sail. This is a great setup for anyone that just bought a boat and is to small to sail a radial. Always kept inside when not in use. I am...
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    Laser Radial + 4.7 sails for sale

    please email me about the remaining radial sail at
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    Laser Radial + 4.7 sails for sale

    In the bottom front corner there should be a class button which means it is class legal
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    Laser Radial + 4.7 sails for sale

    are the radial sails class legal?
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    Wanted: class legal radial sail

    If you have good condition able to be raced class legal radial sail please message me or email me at
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    Laser Radial Sail and Lower (like new) for sale, CT

    would you sell them separately?
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    Lots of Laser Parts; Sails-Blades-Spars Etc.

    how much for the better radial sail? and is it class legal?
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    2005 Dark Blue Hull with radial & 4.7 rig $3900, Scituate MA

    could i buy the race radial sail separately?