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    How do I advertise here?

    I've been looking around for a bit and can't find a link that takes me to a place I can connect with sales.
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    There is a place in puget sound with amazing bioluminescence.

    I've been here and it is truly amazing. Are there other places in Puget Sound or Salish with with bioluminescence? A nighttime phenomenon lights up our sand and waters | Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber
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    Duck Dodge

    Are there versions of Duck Dodge in other cities? Or is it jus a Seattle thing? Here's a link describing the event.Duck Dodge...Seattle Sailboat Races on Lake Union
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    A book about sailing...

    Who do I contact here if want to run an ad?
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    Drifting jewels in the night...

    "The water reflects this beauty, but tonight, the stars win. They are there, reflected in the water and shining in the sky—strung out like pearls. Perfection. The fleet is bathing in their wake, tied together, star-board to port—a million-dollar raft of fiberglass and Mylar—drifting jewels...
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    "We came for ye' booty and ye' champagne!" --s/v Nefarious

    Hello sailors , we don’t know each other, but I’m writing to you directly because you are a sailor—specifically, sailboats. I am the author of a book I think you’ll like. I wrote Nefarious after researching the sailing community in the PNW and I learned quickly that sailing is not a hobby; it...