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    Need a dead Laser sail

    OMG! :eek: Wow! Well, that's an eye-full! It's a good idea - I'll reef the sail next time I dry-rig and I'll see if it's easier to manage that way. But if anyone has a blown out sail to get rid of, I'd still like to try my idea. Thanks!
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    Need a dead Laser sail

    Does anybody have an end-of-life old Laser sail? I want to cut the top off so I'll have an easier time experimenting with my rigging. I know that sounds really weird, (laugh or cry) but I live in a barren plain which is always very windy, and I'm perpetually chasing the boat and fighting the...
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    How to strap on a paddle?

    Appreciate the response, I should mention that I have a paddle already and don't currently plan to buy a two-piece or telescoping paddle. Right now I'm thinking velcro to the deck, just forward of the footwell on one side... Still like any more suggestions anyone has! :)
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    How to strap on a paddle?

    Reasons I want my paddle: I live near Dallas, TX and sail on lakes. I can have steady wind 10+ mph, and then be left in the middle of a lake in an endless dead calm. It makes it a lot easier to come in to a dock or shore. But what's the best way to strap it or otherwise attach it to the boat...
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    Sailing plans for 2009

    2009 Plans: I plan to spend as much time as possible in my Laser - mostly weekends I plan to spend as much of that time as possible with my son (in his Sunfish) I plan to crew on a Catalina 22 for weekly local regattas thru March I plan to start racing in the Laser (YC weekly) starting in April...
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    How long should a tiller be.........

    Oh yes - that would be me, I guess the question of tiller length becomes an issue later when I start spending more time hiked out. In the meantime I do hold the extention in about the middle most of the time, and in times of panic, grab the tiller. :rolleyes: I see that my confusion is based...
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    What else do you sail?

    That's a nice pic!
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    How many air jugs?

    :eek: Kaiser, I was ok with this until I did the math, for the 90 L of floatation, you'd need 45 2L Dr Pepper bottles. A few questions for you: Does your boat attract bees and wasps? Does sailing make you crave Dr. Pepper? When you roll-tack, does it sound like a subway going by beneath...
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    what to do with an old laser?

    :D Actually, there may be a radical operation to a red Starfish (Sunfish clone) I bought for parts for my son's Sunfish. We're talking about a motor and a canopy, a seat in the footwell, red and gold paint - Harley style... People are always talking about putting a motor in these hull-only...
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    Coffee, anyone?

    I'm a huge coffee drinker. I have my whole bean varieties, my burr grinder, a very good espresso machine, and excellent coffee maker, and a coffee press. I like my espresso, my latte's, my thai coffees, my iced coffees, my boba, and take my coffee black. I've even written a poem about coffee...
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    How long should a tiller be.........

    OK - I'm confused again! :confused: My (used) boat came with a Ronstan X-10 extension which I measure at 33 inches. I know it's the right length for me to go up the back of my PDF when I'm trying to tack/jibe and can't imagine the skill levels required to use an even longer (39, 42, 48, 49, 54...
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    Weight problems

    Ryan, I'm 5'8" and 230 lbs and have only been sailing a little while, and in a full rig. I can't imagine your height being a factor in hiking out, but I am enjoying my full rig, and can at least syphanize with the chubb-factor! :o I will say that I have pretty well developed legs /back/abs...
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    what to do with an old laser?

    Sorry, I didn't want to elaborate on the 3rd option... it's kindof sad and involves a chainsaw and the local landfill...
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    Inserting mast step disk

    I turned my boat over (on land) and said disk fell out - glad I found this thread because I thought I was crazy :eek: or something half-baked had been done to my boat by previous owners. So now I know what it is, I guess I can put some pookey on it and drop it back in - any suggestions on type...
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    Should I install an autobailer?

    Kind of a survey question here. The autobailer on my old Laser was removed and I'm just using a plug. Is there any significant benefit to using one? If I can figure out how, maybe I'll make this one a poll...;)