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    14.2's in texas?

    Hello! My wife and I own an '84 Model 1 14.2, but have yet to christen it in nearby Joe Pool Lake, near Grand Prairie. We are looking forward to learning to sail, and wish you all the best!
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    1987 Missing Hatch Cover

    Hello Federalist! I'm in Grand Prairie, and have my original Mod 1 hatch cover. You are welcome to PM me and come measure mine.
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    Year built question

    Sorry about that! this is an up and down forum for responses, so don't take it too personally, OK? Welcome! It sounds like you've got a handle on the gear aspect. Wish I could help on the info side.. I'm a total newbie, and live in the Dallas area. I may be in over my head, cuz my life is...
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    Centerboard Bracket Diagram

    I'm very happy you were able to solve your reefing problem! AND your centerboard problem... !! Enjoy the sailing! Craig
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    Centerboard Bracket Diagram

    Congratulations! Obviously, persistence pays! What did you do for a reefing system?
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    Can anyone tell me the size of the battens on the stock main?

    Well... I measured mine, and they are 30", 24", and 18" long. They are 5/8" wide. Evidently I'm missing rubber tips that prevent wear, and I've seen them at West Marine. Hope this helps. I'm a newbie, but thought someone should reply.
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    Improvement Pictures #1

    Any place to look at this arrangement?
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    Mast float plans

    Thanks Jim! I spoke with Ed, and plan on joining.
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    Mast float plans

    Off the Vagabond 14 site, I'll bet this has been posted before, but forgive me the repetition. At the vagabondsailing site, under How To, the last entry is "Make a H-14 Mast Float". Looks very doable. Has anyone here actually...
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    Easy to capsize?

    Talk about sour grapes! Mooseman... it's apparent your disatisfaction runs deeper than just your concerns, and I guess you feel dissed by the lack of communication from Catalina regarding your unhappiness regarding the 14.2, and quick communication to sell you... I get that. Did you know...
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    Question on Centerboard Rigging

    Correct on the correction! Please forgive the musician in me, I'm no engineer, obviously! Where in Argentina do you live? I've been to Buenos Aires, and it remains my favorite city in all of the Americas. Craig
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    Question on Reefing (Reducing Main Sail)

    I'm a newbie, but has a Jiffy-Reefing kit for about $50 that you can install, or have installed. I'm sure there must be others.
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    Centerboard stop?

    I've noticed that every centerboard photo in this forum has a short pin through the centerboard serving as a stop. Mine has an integral stop. Anyone have any info regarding the originality, history of this style? Many thanks! I've gotten so much from this forum.
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    Hatch cover for 14.2?

    Here you go! both sides of the latch system (the nut is peened so as not to come off the bolt, hence the sanding job around the area). The top of the hatch simply slides up in a recess behind the teak crossmember.
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    #151 as I bought it. My wife hasn't yet realized how much fun this will be. Question: Is this an original sail?