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    2 1993 Lasers for Sale

    I resent it, I originally sent it on the 18th, let me know if you get it, it will be a FW: of the email I sent before.
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    2 1993 Lasers for Sale

    Have you checked you email, I sent one. Thanks
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    How do you rig when it's breezy?

    Two words- Clew Hook
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    Age you started sailing

    I've been on sail boats since I was 6 months, it would have been sooner but I have a december birthday, my sister started at 2 weeks old. I started sailing dinghys when I was 9.
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    Laser I, Laser II, or something else?

    Are you looking for a serious racing boat or a fun cottage boat? My impression was a cottage boat that you could sail with your family. Which is why I recommened more comfortable boats and less racing boats. Comfort can be a major factor in selecting a racing boat. I know a few people who...
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    Laser I, Laser II, or something else?

    I would advise against the Laser 2 or V15. Neither are very comfortable, and not really fast. The only advantage is you can have a light crew, but on the flip side a heavy crew is out. A 420 is a good boat, they have been made by many different manufacturers over the years. Vanguard right...
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    crack in hull under mast

    You will need the inside to be absolutly dry before you fibreglass. To do this you can use a shop vac, just make sure if you're blowing air in instead of sucking air out you don't cover the rest of the inspection hatch, this will create even more fibreglassing for you as is blows one of the...
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    homemade launching dolly

    I think I saw that boat and dolly for sale
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    Harken Clew Hook

    I've used a harken clew hook for a couple years and have never had a problem, wind up to 20-30 knots, outhaul loose or tight it works suprisingly well. I don't know what I can tell you, just make sure the clew tiedown is good and tight. Good Luck
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    fixer upper ?

    Try using something like a shop vac blowing to put ait into the drain plug (NOT an inspection hatch, it can blow arpart joints) and put soapy water around all the suspect places. If there are only minor leaks you can use a bycicle pump.
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    fixer upper ?

    It all depends on your level of experience. Make sure you take a good look at the mast step. It's hard to tell exactly without looking at it but almost anything will sail. It sounds like you won't be racing so you just want to make sure it floats and doesn't fall apart while you're sailing...
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    Wanted, Radial Rudder (complete)

    Are you located in Elmira?
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    Anodized spars... WHERE ARE THEY?

    You're probably looking for black anodized spars, as all spars are anodized. The easiest way might be to contact a local shop that does electroplating/anodizing and see if they can anodize your spars, and then they can be any colour you want. This may not be class legal, but it gets the job...
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    Where to find black anodized spars?????

    You can always get them anodized by a local shop yourself, then you can get them in almost any colour, black, blue, yellow, red......
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    how much would you pay?

    alright, I'll talk to you wednesday if you'll be there