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    racing simulators

    Sail Simulator 5. Not that old, very realistic. You can sail a Laser and also compete on line with other people. Worth a look at. Mucked about with it for about a week.
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    autobailer leading edge not flush

    Most people I know use silicon, shapeing it so its smooth and follows the hull. Did mine 2 seasons ago and still ok.
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    Big Boats

    Has anyone had experience sailing in a fleet with big boats (20-30 ft’s). Coming into the leeward mark they seem to make crazy sideways bow waves that death roll me. Should I put my centreboard down? Just go really really wide and reach to mark?? Vang all the way off?
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    Sail Simulator 5

    Absolutely not. But it is fun and they have done quite a good job of simulating the way a Laser sails. The boats quite responsive to Vang and other settings and behaves in waves in a similar fashion to the real thing. It would make a good tool to help someone get their head around the...
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    Sail Simulator 5

    Go to the address below, download the file at the bottom of the screen and run it. I think it runs on a Mac but not sure.
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    Sail Simulator 5

    OK, been messing around with it a bit. Final opinion is... Its way 2 easy to death roll, The boat always tips back over when you right it after a capsize The combination of these two things will make you angry and stop enjoying life
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    Sail Simulator 5

    Just got a copy of a game called Sail Simulator 5. You can sail a Laser in it. Not a bad game tho I think the Laser in the game may be a little 2 easy 2 death roll.
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    Big Question

    My bad, thought they were the same thing
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    Big Question

    Shatty was annoying. He rubbed people up the wrong way and ruined threads. I congratulate the Moderators for what they did and am glad that they have drawn that line in the sand. If we are all so worked up about this then should we start up a “Bring Back Shatty” thread with a vote on it?? Know...
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    Is it me or does every topic recently seem to revolve around Shattys inflated sense of self worth. You very opinionated mate, to the point of annoyance. If you were in Aussie you would get told to pull your head in. This is a forum for discussion about THE LASER SAILBOAT not a forum for how...
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    No it's not me (lol):D Will never ever ever be in an ad for Lasers. In fact people I know have decided not to buy a Laser after watching me sail. Serious about the twin thing tho.
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    Hey the guy in this ad (the one on the left) looks just like me. Could be my twin. Will offer a reward 2 anyone who can tell me who it is. ps. The reward may be less tangible then more traditional one's
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    Honestly are Lasers of all years equally fast?

    Could not of said it better. Depends on ability. If you are new to Lasers then you will trash your boat.
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    Back Problems

    Dunno if it’s sarcasm Shatty, Just think you should relax on pushing your opinion on everyone else. A forum is here for open friendly discussion. You need to chill a bit bro... This is intended in the nicest way possible, and am sure you great at stuff. I truly respect and read your...
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    Main Sheet and block

    9mm a bit big hey, if you worried about your hands get 8mm and put it thru a washing machine on a hot cycle 3 or 4 times. It will lose its wax feel and fluff up a bit. Thinner main sheet runs better and will not hook up on a gybe as much, but it sucks in heavy air. I have started using thin...