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    Mystery device on a Laser

    That looks very much like the three-point mount for the Plastimo compass that was about all that was available for the Laser in the 1970s.
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    Laser: sail number year of construction

    . . . if you are looking for hull construction, I suggest you look at the transom. Not on boats that old!
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    Laser: sail number year of construction

    Bought my first Laser in the UK in October 1977 with the number 52494. Laser numbers were issued in blocks to each manufacturer world-wide to ensure that the boat-numbers in one region were not substantially out of kilter with the other regions. Your boat is likely to be late 1977 - early 1978.
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    Introducing the New Official Class Sail

    Any competitor that uses non-legal kit is subject to protest by any other competitor. There is no provision in the ISAF Rules for a club to over-ride the Class Rules, unless it gets permission from the Class Association. Good luck with that.
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    The Laser class and ISAF

    Just one point about the Ronstan sheaveless pulley discussed in LaserWorld: it's not Laser-legal. Someone should have copy-checked this with the Measurers.
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    Connector Sleeve Help

    Apologies to you and to APS; saw you had bought one from Intensity, but not that you had bought a second from APS.
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    Connector Sleeve Help

    Maybe if you'd bought a class-legal sleeve it would have fitted . . . .
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    hiking bench

    >> The link for my modified Tillman hiking bench (modified so that you can fold it and hang it up) is no longer at the link quoted above. The current address is: The hiking bench in the photos is still going strong; wish the same could be said for the...
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    Are these class legal?

    You and me both. As I said in one of my last editorials, don't look for the situation to change, whatever the outcome of the legal action. The Aussies, Americans, Europeans, and everyone else all have to pay roughly the same margin-rich price. Has anyone wondered why that is? LP and PSA would...
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    Are these class legal?

    Steve and Alex, It shouldn't be quite such a quandary as you seem to make out. It is perfectly possible to refurbish an old Laser to a reasonable standard without using the expensive post-2000 kit. A UK-based joint RYA/UKLA/LaserPerformance initiative called Activate your Laser was aimed at...
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    Are these class legal?

    To take Old Dude's point, a club cannot write rules to allow non-class-legal equipment for racing. I say this with absolute certainty because as the then UK Laser Measurer, I wrote to the RYA Rules Committee last year to get clarification. Some believe that, even if replica kit is out for...