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    2009 Laser 196279 Southern Nh $5000

    Yes, still for sale.
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    2009 Laser 196279 Southern Nh $5000

    2009 Laser with radial and full rig (full rig wrong sail #). Seitech dolly Race rigging New top cover Storm bottom cover Fatso Jr. tiller extension carbon fiber tiller extra Laser tiller and extension blade bag
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    Competitive Weight

    I think it depends a lot on your overall ability and athleticism. Any weight can be competitive. I max out at 125 lbs but I'd still say I'm competitive in my district (not masters). Anything over 10 knots I start to feel the disadvantages though.
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    2011 championships

    Still nothing? I can't even find a contact person for the 2011 Women's North American Champs meant to be held in February at Lauderdale Yacht Club.
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    Women's North American Champs?

    So the schedule has the NA women's champs taking place in February at Lauderdale Yacht Club. I have yet to see any more info on that, nor can I find any inkling of it on the rest of the internet. I'm starting to get concerned that my carefully planned schedule is not going to...
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    yacht club membership

    yes please! In terms of writing something in for the registration, I was thinking of using the name of a friend's "race team" he uses for local car racing. We're expanding the team into multiple vehicle types. I'm glad there isn't an actual club membership rule. The closest one to me is...
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    yacht club membership

    Does anyone know if there are current rules within the U.S. demanding that sailors be a member of a yacht club to participate in races at other clubs? I seem to recall something like this being the case a while back, but am not sure.
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    hiking boots

    What are the real benefits of hiking boots? I've never used them, sailed for the last 15 years barefoot or in sneakers if I'm in a drysuit. Is it ankle support? Wear and tear on feet?
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    Just to be sure... nationals racing?

    Excellent, thanks for the confirmation. Guess I'll plan on heading to FL and such this year for a severe reality check!
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    Just to be sure... nationals racing?

    Is there any qualification process for sailing the National Championships or Women's North American's? Or just show up and sail? Don't want to drive 24 hours in February to be told I'm not qualified...
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    D7: September Regatta Schedule

    Any additional info on the Ponce De Leon Regatta?
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    Laser 4.7

    yeah, 25 knots was just my example since the organizers apparently want to be sure everyone who competes can handle up to 25. Really, though, I have to totally depower the sail at 15-18 knots. I mean flat sail, hiking full out, and still pinching and easing. I weigh 130 lbs with all my gear...
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    Laser 4.7

    I would, but it's not posted yet, and I can't find any specifics from past regattas.
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    Laser 4.7

    Are the 4.7 district champs for youth only? I wish the Worlds would be open to all ages, as I'm just too small to be competitive in a radial in 25 knots. I'm considering grabbing a 4.7 rig but it is not worth it if I can't race it anywhere since I'm 28.
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    Laser 4.7 North Sail - NEW & Lower Mast

    Still available? Willing to ship?