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    Best boat for my stats?

    Seems like you are in a great range for laser full rig. if coming up to 200 is no big deal, you could be well suited for a Finn.
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    Video Review

    Hi Lorenzo, Awesome videos! You are looking good and look like you are having lots of fun too - really nice work. Generally speaking, it looks like you need to sail with more vang on upwind. Minimum vang setting once you are sitting on the deck (IE, not crouching in the cockpit) is: sheet the...
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    Intensity Sails/Non-Laser Class Certified Sails

    One idea for the relaxed rule fleets is to score them differently. So you have everyone on the same course, and score the class legals together, intensity's together etc. To make a point, you could post your own version of those results with the "classes" divided up. People will start saying...
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    Laser Trailer Set Up

    One other thing is you can remove leaf springs from your trailer to allow it to shock absorb better if it's designed for greater weights as is.
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    Laser Trailer Set Up

    I read a number of posts here and on sailing anarchy about this awhile back when investigating my own trailer design. I decided to go with transport deck down with one bunk near the rear edge of the cockpit and the other somewhere near the outhaul/cunningham cleats, as this seemed to be the most...
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    Hiking Style

    Glad it is working well for you and that you are the ideal height and weight for the laser! Perhaps we'll see the cross legged method in the next olympics as the dominant style and toe hiking will go the way of the dinosaur.
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    Hiking Style

    When your legs are crossed, what part of your foot/leg is pressuring the strap? Do you ever hike off your toes? I found that this is sometimes ok for a break, but I need more of my foot contacting the strap to support my whole body, bringing me inboard a bit. Then when I uncross, I can get...
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    Laser in 5.75' pickup bed

    Yes this is what I'm talking about. Somehow this with some uprights to go under the gunnels. Then I could lean the bow with dolly up on the cross bar, pickup the stern and slide it all forward into the truck... tie it down and go?
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    Laser in 5.75' pickup bed

    Yes exactly
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    Laser in 5.75' pickup bed

    Thanks, good ideas. Do you think it would be possible to setup the truck bed almost like a kitty hawk trailer support system. So at the front of the bed, you could have a custom welded piece that fits under the gunnel of the bow... then off the bed extender that goes out of the trailer hitch...
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    Laser in 5.75' pickup bed

    Can I transport a laser in a 5.75' pickup bed... maybe with a hitch truck "bed extender"? Any advice on the best way to do this if so? Was hoping to roll the dolly onto it maybe bow first to make it a one man show... but not sure if there is enough support. So bed length, plus tail gate...
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    Turn On! To Rules Transitions: Part One

    Is there supposed to be a link here or am I missing something?
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    Pearson Small Boats - Risk Of A Lemon?

    I'm thinking about picking up a 1991 boat build by PSB. It's about $2500, in excellent shape and comes with radial and full rigs plus a dolly. I've read about PSB problems but am tempted by this as it seems like a great deal and the search is frustrating. I'm looking for a used boat in that...
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    Classic Laser, Raceable, For Sale In Me/deliverable Between Me & Va

    Still available? If so, give me a call: 207 505-2202. Colin
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    Laser Forum FAQ - Database of Information etc.

    This thread is a typical example of what I am talking about regarding the search function. In order to find what you are looking for, you generally will need to sort through one or more threads filled with complete BS. People bickering back and forth, jokes, maybe some unqualified replies from...