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    Boom height

    Anyone know what the boom height should be? I just rigged it for the first time and the metal/alum stop is loose. I'm not sure if it's an exact height or just where the slack is out of the main sail.
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    Forward Hiking Straps

    Expansion Plugs Not bad idea.
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    Forward Hiking Straps

    Does anyone have any good ideas on replacing the line that holds up the forward hiking straps? I can't seem to get enough of myself into the hatch and then around the bulk head to tie a new line. Maybe the rubber grommet pops out, but I thought I ask before I start prying it out.:confused:
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    Centerboard bungee length

    Centerboard. Yeah, pics would be nice. Thanks, clo
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    Centerboard bungee length

    Hi jcorliss78, Where did you find this information for the guide? I would like to take a look an alternate method. Thanks, Chris.
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    Center board. AZRICk's correct. Call them and ship it back - It's a common error. Just remember, anything you purchase from Catalina let them know you have a MOD 1. Good luck, clo
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    mast pulley?

    Mast Sheaves Catalina Yachts • Phone 818 884-7700
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    Harken List

    Catalina Direct or Catalina Yachts You can get almost everything you need at Catalina or Catalina Direct. Both will ship anywhere you need. Phone 818 884-7700 or Order Desk 1-800/959-SAIL (7245)
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    Wanted Kick Up Rudder

    Rudder Ed, Have you checked the price with Catalina? Sometimes the cost of buying new is easier than making a new one. Just a thought. clo
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    Tipping Over and Taking In Water

    Taking on water I have Mod I and I've had it go turtle twice. The first time it turtled it did take on a lot water and would hardly sail once we had it right side up. I too opened it up and was surprised on the amount of water my boat had. Then I found out that Mod 1's are supposed to have...
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    cracks at mast bracket

    Mast Bracket That makes sense about break away. When mine went it pulled out two of the four screws and the other two loosened up but held. I went to reinforcing the deck below and using bolts to hold the mast bracket. I guess if it breaks this time it might take part of the deck with it. clo
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    cracks at mast bracket

    Repair We had a similar problem when a shroud broke and the mast pulled out part of the decking. First I put a new piece of CDX plywood below inside the cuddy to reinforce the deck. Next, chisel, sand and clean all the broken and cracked fiberglass and gelcoat from the deck. Pick up a...
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    Wood places Any of these places will be able to help you. It's a special order, but they can ship. clo
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    Rudder If you have the rudder pintle assembly you can definitely make one. My choice would be to use a hard wood for strength and durability. You can use Ash and paint with a polyurethane bottom coat paint. I've made parts out of Ash, which is used for bats, oars & hockey sticks. It's strong...
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    Wanted: Capri 14.2 mast

    Mast Hi Barbara, Catalina quoted me $600 delivered to the door. I know that's pricey, but finding one in good shape is tough. Good luck, clo