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    1979 J24 and Trailer $2000

    Available?? I am local
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    Wanted - light use North Genoa

    Tony Just sent you a text with some possibilities. Chris
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    J24 Mast, has a bend..

    Dropped my J24 Argentina Mast on Velocidad early in year when knot in amsteel lifting line slipped out. Mast hooked under the starboard lifeline, and went down over the port life line. The lower section has a bend in it from that and the mast crane may have a slight angulation, though I cannot...
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    North Single Regatta Sails, REDUCED

    North Single Regatta Sails, REDUCED! Used only for the NA's in Toronto. Main 1260, Genoa 1600 Spinnaker 1300 See prior post for more details.
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    North One Regatta Sails

    North Sails, new for and only used at the NA's in Toronto this September 2016. Stored rolled indoors since. DX-7TT Genoa $2000, Custom Orange FR-2 Spinnaker $1600, Fat Head Main $1600. Buyer pays $25 per sail for packaging Plus shipping cost. Sails are fast. Scored two 2nds and a 4th...
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    Oldie but Goodie Main

    Yes it is still available. Please email me at to discuss, or call 201-602-8958
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    Oldie but Goodie Main

    Quantum Oldie but goodie CLEAR IT OUT !! MAKE ME AN OFFER !! In spite of it's calendar age this main is in great shape. Came with my first boat- had been purchased to race in NA's and then put away with boat for 4 years till I bought the boat and sails. Has the equivalent of less than one...
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    North sails and one Quantum

    I live in Middletown, NJ and go to NYC several times a week Also, will be attending ECC in Annapolis end of this month Chris
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    North sails and one Quantum

    Victor, Payment could be check or Paypal. Chris
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    North sails and one Quantum

    ONE NORTH SPINNAKER AND ONE QUANTUM MAIN REMAIN North Sails SOLD 2013 3DL New Black Twaron Genoa –draft stripes New June 2013–One light air regatta. Perfect condition. Sell- $1450 + shipping SOLD 2012 3DL Yellow Twaron Genoa–draft stripes New September 2112 for Rochester Worlds (placed 15th)...
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    North One regatta Sails

    Just in time for NA's ! North 3DL genoa. New 2013 June 15th. The new black material. One light air regatta. (Cape May, NJ) North FR2 Spinnaker. New 2013 July 20th. One light to moderate light regatta (Atlantic City RW, NJ) and one light to moderate day of Atlantic Highlands Bluewater...