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    Which upgrade is better?

    get all the upgrades I am short (5' 6") and not all that heavy (165lbs.) but would rec' to anyone to purchase both/entire upgrade kits. It is hard enough for me to keep my boat upright, never mind trying to reach in (with my short arms) and make adjustments but with the upgrades I am able to...
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    Seacoast Fall Open Laser Regatta

    Hey local New England Sailors, I am not involved with the putting on of this event but I thought I would share with you the info. The regatta is October 20th @ Hilton Park in Dover, NH and is hosted by the Piscataqua Sailing Association. FMI go to their website or email...
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    Hingham Yacht Club Regatta ?

    I know the Worlds will be wrapping up on the 28th and am wondering if Hingham Yacht Club of District 7 is stilling hosting their regatta that's scheduled for the 28th and 29th? Thanks Chris ILCA 152124