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Blew out mast tube/deck

I recently ripped mast out of the deck. I cut it out and am repairing it without a kit. My mast tube had no bottom, is this normal ? If not should I glass a bottom on before re-installing. When I put it back to together, is the mast tube 90 degrees to the hull or is it angled slightly ?

Cactus Cowboy

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That would be moi, even though I'm comfortably seated at my dining room table, cold beer in one hand as I surf the freakin' Interwebs, shotgun in the other to deal with the buzzards, LOL. :cool:

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Anyway, pics would be good... pics of the mast step tube and whatever else is damaged or cut, aye? Alright, back to my slow crawl... to the goddam fridge and another cold cerveza, maybe a slight detour to grab some more shotgun shells, LOL. :eek: