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    For Sale: 1985 Capri Mod 1 w/ Trailer

    Yes I am in Ohio Hi Sharon and Gordy, I am in Columbus and yes, it is still for sale. I can be reached at Craig
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    For Sale:  1985 Capri Mod 1 w/ Trailer

    1985 Mod 1 Capri 14.2: Re-Fitted in 2004 after 15 years inside storage Roller/furler purchased in 2007 Sailor’s Tailor custom cover 2006 Electric trolling motor with mount & battery wiring Sails new in 1999 Trailer fully functional with winch & ‘bearing buddies’ $2200 O.B.O Located in Central...
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    Stern Cleats

    Step I forgot to mention I use a little step I got from W. Marine. It is tied off to the hiking strap loop. With one hand on the transom from in the water, I can easily reach it. Re-entering the boat this way eases the pain but is not very graceful! Craig
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    Stern Cleats

    Same with me. Mine has those as well but it is in storage soI'm not sure how they are attached. The do get tangled on occasion, usually in a low wind when things are dangling anyhow. Craig Foster
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    Launching with a Hoist

    Problem Solved (Two Ways) Turns out one of the club members has a narrow ramp about 200 ft. across acove from the club slips. It was plenty wide enough for our trailer. Used my trolling motor to get over. No wind today, so two miles from the public ramp would have been a sunburn. I also...
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    Launching with a Hoist

    We just joined the Indian Lake Yacht Club in Russels Point, Ohio and are getting ready to launch our boat for the year. We will have a permanent slip and are excited about leaving our Capri "mast up". The club has an electric hoist but no boat ramp. Some boats (e.g. Interlake) have an...
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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    Step Ladder We just bought a ladder swim stirrup through West Marine. We have not received it yet so I have no report. This is after my wife observed my 215 lb whale body climbing into the boat using the suggested rope stirrup. It was kind of get even with the transom and belly my way in...
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    spreader boots

    Mod 1 method I just had my stay come lose of the spreader. Is that your problem? On my Mod 1 the is some stainless steel wire (19 guage) that wraps around the stay after going thru the hole on the spreader to hold it all in place. Am I off base or does this help? you may have to untape the...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Good Advice Chris, Thanks for the advice, especially the one about patience! I'll let you know how things turn out. Craig
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    Cool video of racing

    Wow I'm too old for that! Craig
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    Help with boom

    More recommendations Drew, The Boomkicker is coll and easier to install than a topping lift I would think. Craig
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Oops I forgot to mention I haven't replied because I got home to a smoked power supply on my computeer. Warranty parts have been received and installed. C
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    An idea too late Chris, I did get some good advice when I was on my Lake Erie sailing trip but I see that you have done a great job from your pics. The suggestion my brother had was to install a bushing through the hollow transom and into the backing plate. I think I will change the holes on...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Transom Woes Chris, My brother has a 27 ft Hunter and is quite experience with fiberglass, etc. I will be meeting him, my other brother and Dad on Lake Erie tomorrow for 5 days of cruiser sailing. My Dad was a plastics engineer and a Sunfish and Butterfly racer in his day. I plan to get...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    I get it! Chris, I said "well, duh" to myself when you mention making new holes in the bracket. Since I am for below the design weight as well, I do not forsee a problem. I did check and my Mod I is hollow, at least it seems that way. Thanks for the suggestion, Craig