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    Another autobailer question

    Are you really intending to have a 5 year old sail a Laser? I would think even with 4.7 rig it would be totally unmanageable. Is it actually a Laser. Or is it a Laser Pico? This site is all about the Laser Dinghy (4m long) with standard, radial, or 4.7 rigs. All answers so far relate to...
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    Mast rivet size

    Just a question. Are you end for ending the top section or bottom section? Bent masts are usually the top section. All the comments you are receiving relate to bottom section (gooseneck etc) if you are inverting because to prevent bend as appose to corrosion around vang tang & gooseneck the...
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    Is injecting foam in mast & boom for buoyancy a good idea?

    Are you talking about a laser or a Laser 2
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    Centreboard Friction Pad - New or Old Design?

    I find this very confusing and think I must have something wrong with my set up. I have never had trouble with board staying up. My problem is board always comes up several inches when beating. I don't get how the brake can actually do anything because with the bungee pulling the top of the...
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    Centreboard Friction Pad - New or Old Design?

    Is that class legal? I was under the impression the new pad had to be fitted to the existing mounting point. I do find it does not work when fitted like that but thought I was not allowed to move it
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    Access denied to ILCA website

    Seems to be working now. Was about to try logging in as Torchy
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    Access denied to ILCA website

    Is something going on with the Laser Association. I am no longer able to access the website. Just get messaged not authorised to access.
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    Newbie question on rigging/launching

    Like to see you try that on steep beach with breaking waves. Once rudder on in fully down position, to avoid it bottoming out in troughs you would have your head under water while trying to reach up and install dagger board. In waves I have to have rudder fully up till board in then as pushing...
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    Top & Tailing Laser 1 mast sections

    Follow up question. I successfully inverted the top section. I was also advised to invert the bottom section (Radial & Standard) because there is some corrosion setting in around the vang & gooseneck. This does not look too serious yet but more preventative maintenance. After taking bottom...
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    Top & Tailing Laser 1 mast sections

    I have been advised to Top & Tail my mast sections and am looking for advice. My Laser is a 2004 Australian one. 1/ is it ok to reuse the old plugs and collars or are there advantages in using new. 2/ when inverting sections do I leave in same plane so the back of the mast is still the back...
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    stuck rudder

    Are you just trying to pull straight up? I find that swinging rudder left to right whilst putting light upward force often helps
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    Laser insignia on non-class sails

    Yes on further web browsing not seen laser symbol on practice sails. Sure I have seen them on non official sails at my club in Thailand. Perhaps people adding them theirselves.
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    Laser insignia on non-class sails

    I also noticed that the picture on the listing appears to show the button and the laser label. So they can't be bothered to show their actual sail. Don't other replica sails also have the laser emblem? Possibly a different colour though
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    A question about 4x4 with relation to boat ramps...

    Can you fit a front tow bar? That way driven wheels on 2WD more likely to be out of slippery stuff. As an aside do you Americans really use your vehicle to take a laser out of the water? In my 45 years dinghy sailing in UK & now Thailand I can honestly say I have never trailed a boat out of the...
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    Real Newbie on Boom setup Huge Help Laser Std!!

    All you have to do is don't take Bungey BU off Hook HH (leave where it is) - Hook HH onto Clew V - Run free end of Blue rope A through pulley C and forward and through pulley at X down through pulley Y and through fairlead and cleat Z You should also have a cord or clew strap through clew hole V...