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    Carbon top mast section

    I read it as class compliant to The Laser Class. Probably not class compliant to the ILCA class
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    Stuck lower mast

    There should be the word step after first mast. Won’t let me edit ie between mast step and mast as well as inside mast. There is a drain hole in bottom mast plug
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    Stuck lower mast

    Maybe try pouring washing up liquid down both mast and inside mast then use boom to try small rotation of mast
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    Laser Road Base UK

    See above Facebook add for roadbase
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    Laser Road Base UK
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Pretty obvious to me. Road base is the trailer part of a combi trailer. You load the boat and trolley (dolly to you foreigners) on to the base trailer. It normally has just a roller at the back that the trolley slides up
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    Bottleport fits Ronstan Inspection Ports (pics)

    If it was being reviewed 12 years ago why was it never allowed or voted on!
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    Soft Shackle Clew Tie Down

    Are you sure it’s legal? With the rotating beads added you surprise me. It looks to be an elegant solution but I am surprise if it’s allowed
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    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    That should read heeling moment
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    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    Or ease mainsheet and point lower. This gives more forward vector and less sideways vector (less healing moment)
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    Olympic status

    Say not day
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    Olympic status

    Note also World Sailing day Laser Dinghy. Doesn’t this mean they have to be built by a Laser trade mark holder regardless of the vote just passed that should allow mon trade mark holders to build ILCA approved Dinghies. Have we just been sc****d by World Sailing again
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    Laser boom gooseneck plug hole keeps widening why?

    Not sure why the vang key could effect wear on the gooseneck plug. Does the mast rotate freely? Is the mast base damaged or grit/sand in the bottom of the mast tube causing friction and stopping mast rotating. Or has there been a bad repair to the gel coat in the mast tube stopping rotation
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    Got a new boom? Check your boom strap

    Shouldn’t Sailcentre be sending out replacement booms with correct width straps. Shouldn’t be down to purchasers to correct this error
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    From the measurements' table in Athens (European Championship U19)...

    Mine meets rules, but then when I replaced metal strap that was designed to either catch on your life jacket when tacking obviously I checked rules to make sure it complied