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    Laser boom gooseneck plug hole keeps widening why?

    Not sure why the vang key could effect wear on the gooseneck plug. Does the mast rotate freely? Is the mast base damaged or grit/sand in the bottom of the mast tube causing friction and stopping mast rotating. Or has there been a bad repair to the gel coat in the mast tube stopping rotation
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    Got a new boom? Check your boom strap

    Shouldn’t Sailcentre be sending out replacement booms with correct width straps. Shouldn’t be down to purchasers to correct this error
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    From the measurements' table in Athens (European Championship U19)...

    Mine meets rules, but then when I replaced metal strap that was designed to either catch on your life jacket when tacking obviously I checked rules to make sure it complied
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    From the measurements' table in Athens (European Championship U19)...

    Rules state “18. BOOM (a) A metal sleeve supplied by the builder of maximum length 900 mm may be fixed inside the boom . The sleeve shall not extend aft of the point 1220 mm from the front end of the boom (including plug) . (b) The stainless steel mainsheet eye strap between the two blocks on...
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    Laser drainage process

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    Trailex SUT 220

    I did say for new trailers. Trailers built before the date that the new rules came in can still be used with a trailer board mounted on boat transom
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    Trailex SUT 220

    I don’t believe Trailer board attached to gudgeons is legal in Europe for new trailers. They have number plate mounted on sliding extension bars as part of trailer which you extend to be behind any load on the trailer
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    European Laser Class, ILCA and LaserPerformance Announcements - Optimist, Open Bic, Youth & Olympic Sailing Blog EurILCA not happy with ILCA action
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    Class Association statement does not say they are doing anything that conflicts with the construction manual. What it says is that LPE have not allowed inspections to check that they are complying
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    Will be interesting to know what any new approved European builder can market the boat as. Do not LPE hold the European trademark “Laser”. Are we about to become the International Torch Association?
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    Laser Sailing in London

    In the past I have been a member of King George, Fishers Green to the North of London and Island Barn Sailing Club in the South West of London. Not Sure how many Lasers are Sailed Regularly at any of those Clubs. Fishers Green and Island Barn had regular Solo fleet Racing and certainly had...
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    Laser Sailing in London

    I think you are very unlikely to get any information from the UK Laser Class Website unless prepared to pay to join. I am a Brit living in Thailand and have attempted to find information from there in the past when looking to get a Laser. Couldn’t access the forum, second hand boat list or even...
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    Interesting reading about a composite lower mast for the Radial

    What I would like to know is how it gets an authorised for use performance sailcraft sticker and a laser trademark sticker when there has been no proposal put forward by the class association
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    Closed starting line

    To me that is wrong. If the time keeper is only using the fact that boat is crossing line as proof they are finishing then the job is not being done properly. When I have been race officer in the past, procedure was for boats to always go through the line on upwind leg and boat numbers logged...