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    Metal clew sleeve ever release sail accidentally?

    I have the same hook but not with a metal clew sleeve for five seasons and it has never let me down. You should be fine.
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    How old (hey, its old) is this boat?

    Results after Day 2 (of 4): Sailwave results for Bayleys Laser National Championship at Lake Taupo Yacht Club 2017
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    How old (hey, its old) is this boat?

    Hi Paul, If you hook that boat back onto your car & drive to Taupo right now you will arrive in time for Day Two of the NZ Laser Nationals.
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    Laser SURF series

    That looks great fun. Two questions: 1. Do the surfers get grumpy about you dropping in on all their waves? 2. Have you broken any spars yet? P.S. I'm half way around the world in windy Wellington, New Zealand where we regularly get the same sized waves in our 'flat water' course racing.
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    Video: Escaping The Nuking Coastal Winds

    I always enjoy watching your escapades Andy. How was that camera attached to the edge of your boat?
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    Any reason to buy legal battens?

    Thanks Alan. I was going to ask whether 'Aquabattens' were legal. My (second-hand) boat came with two Aquabattens and one Laser branded batten. All have grey tips, the Laser batten has one concave end. I'm entering my first (New Zealand) Nationals early next year so am making sure my boat is...
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    I have a few questions on a 2008 laser...

    Exactly what LaLi said.
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    What 'extras' do I need with a new Laser

    Depending where in the UK you are holidaying ... you may be able to visit the team at and chat to them.
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    Photo Of My Mast Step Reinforcement

    Good info to know Andy, just hope that I never need to do it though :-)
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    Rough Day on the Lake..

    Hiya, I feel your frustration as I have been (still am?) in awe of the guys who seem to keep their boat flat and fast in high winds. Other more expert than me will chime in but here's my understanding of how they do it: Upwind you wants lots of vang/kicker on so that when you ease the mainsheet...
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    Video: Another Jenner Out & Return

    Great little adventure. If I hadn't Googled Jenner to find it I would have thought you were in New Zealand (where I am). Very similar landscape.