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    Lots of good tillers and sails

    Acme Black Diamond Carbon Tillers New $150.00 2 new (used once) Radial Sails $350 each 1 Full Rig Sail used in club races $330 I will provide new numbers for the sails free of charge (a perk of being a sailmaker) I can ship any where in the world. E-mail me and I can send more information...
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    Lots of good tillers and sails

    I will have pictures up by the end of the day, and yes they are all class legal
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    Lots of good tillers and sails

    $350 + shipping and yes I can ship to the east coast UPS
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    Lots of good tillers and sails

    I'm am getting out of laser sailing and have lots of good gear: New Rudder and Centerboard with Hard Shipping Case (padded gun case) $380 2 Black Diamond Carbon Tillers (One is used for 4 months the other is new) New $150.00 Used one for $100 Acme Fatso Jr. Tiller Extension $50 Lots of...
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    Newbee question regarding Leech telltale on main

    III. SAIL ADJUSTMENT GUIDELINE The sail adjustments for the Capri 14 all have simple rules to set them correctly. By following these rules, you will be able to set your sails quickly and accurately for each wind condition. These rules will minimize the time spent on sail adjustment, allowing...
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    Pointing Higher

    Here is a picture of a boat I help set up, Ed Jones. The main looks good. the jib could be trimmed a little bit. But look at how we were able to get rid of the leech return.
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    Pointing Higher

    The reason for the loose mast is to open up the slot between the main and jib. I have the loosest rig at mission bay. This is also because our Quantum Jib has the largest girths (Class max). To get the rig tension correct you should be able to grab the shroud and turn your fist 1/4 turn. The...
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    Jib Furling

    What it takes it removing the existing head stay from the mast. The wire in the sail becomes the new forestay. Yes you need a harken furller. I would buy the sail from Catalina yachts. any sail from a sailmaker will be set up for racing, i.e. no wire in the luff.
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    The Catalina 14.2 Is it safe ???

    I think that with any 14 foot sail boat the possibility of capsizing is there. GO test sail it and then you will see how "tippy" it is. The boat was designed to be a family day racer.
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    Nationals Whos Sailing???

    Good to hear that there will be about 25 boats!! More boats means more fun for all. I'll be down at MBYC from 1pm till about 5 on Friday. I have a little fall cleaning to do!! :D And if my crew can get off work I may get to go sailing.
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    Nationals Whos Sailing???

    Who is all going to come? Who wishes they could come? I'm sailing are you?
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    Water in Hull

    Another and less wet way to check for leaks is tape a foot powered air pump to the drain plug. Use duct tape and try and make air tight seal. Then hose down the outside of the boat. Take a sponge with dish soap and "sud up" the deack and hull. Then pump air into the hull slowly. Look for and...
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    Explain Please!!!

    Richard Hit the nail on the head! Since I helped write the tuning guide I should know.
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    Fractional Rig

    Most modern big boats now have fractional rigs. The Capri is a main driven boat. The jib helps balance out the helm up wind and adds sail area down wind. The disadvantage of a mast head jib is you have to make the main smaller. The turbulent flow off of the jib would back wind the main too much.
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    Just noticed bubbles on the deck

    You can use a Dremal tool to grind out the blister. Then West Systems Epoxy. (105 epoxy and 205 hardner) And also mix in 404 High-Density Filler or 407 Low-Density Filler. Both are made by west systems. And it makes the epoxy easier to sand smooth