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    Alternative Cheek Block Replacement

    I've read that the cheek blocks for the centerboard are hard to find, so perhaps this post will be useful to this forum. On my '86 C14.2, one of the cheek blocks was shot (I think the mfr was Seaway). The sheave was cracked. I've seen other older C14.2's with the same problem for all...
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    Mainsail Tack Retaining Hardware

    On my mod1's gooseneck, there is a threaded hole (1/4-20) for what would be some kind of bolt to retain the grommet at the forward/bottom corner of the mainsail. Across from the threaded hole is a larger, unthreaded hole. Clearly, the intention seems to be that a threaded pin is used to...
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    Teak Maintenance - What Do You Do?

    My wife and I have lots of teak furniture and just love it. They say all teak now is from plantations and not from the exploitation of rain forests-- let's hope this is true. Anyway, as with furniture, I figured I'd clean and then oil the teak spray rail on my mod1 (I understand mod3's don't...
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    Alternative Jib Car Thumbscrew Replacement

    As explained in the manual tech tips, the jib car's thumbscrew sticks up and causes all kinds of problems: ripped clothing, snags uncleated jib sheet when it shouldn't, etc. One recommended procedure was cut off the thumbscrew's head and then cut a slot. That way, you could use a screwdriver...
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    What's the best way to put up mast single-handed?

    Yes, I think know, the answer is get some help, right? First, I had to ignore the advice of a friend who had a Lido 14. On the Lido, he said he would put in the tack pin with his mast lying over the transom. After connecting both shrouds, he'd push up the mast and connect the forestay...
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    Welcome to our new Forum!

    Looks good. I was about to suggest Yahoo groups, which I've been to for a variety of professional and hobby interests, but this looks really good. Nice work!
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    Clarification of Shroud and Forestay lengths

    Having just bought a used boat (C14.2 #920, built 5/86, "mod1"), I wish to replace the shrouds and forestay. They don't look bad, but I'm no judge and there's just no telling how old they are. I'm a beginner and may never race, but it makes sense to rig things the way serious racers prefer...