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    2011 Nationals

    We'll be there... There will be at least 4 boats coming from Az to race. Also, don't miss the Women's Nationals Friday afternoon. Talk is there are 6 to 8 teams (women skippers) that will be competing.
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    Naked shrouds!

    Just an FYI Catalinadirect is another company that supplies parts and not related to Catalina Yachts. You might want to confirm the availability of the properly pre-made shrouds with the original equip mfg. Florida: Phone 727-544-6681 Cali: Phone 818-884-7700
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    Just bought a 14.2

    Here ya go...
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    Jib Sheet Block Position

    On the C14.2, all the racing jibs are cut to work with the block in the forwardmost position and the rig loose as per the sail mfg's setup specs.
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    Removal of the centerboard - process?

    Loosen all 4 bolts a little before unscrewing them all the way. This will prevent the threads dragging against the bracket and rolling the fine threads. If rolled or damaged when you go to screw them back in, they want to gall against the nuts inside the hull (very bad for stainless) Use anti...
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    Class restrictions on replacing cuddy hatch? Other questions...

    bk The class restrictions are pretty strict as far as adding items but even so, this would not be a performance enhancement so you wouldn't get much static from anyone IMO. This may even be a replacement that is regarded as a safety improvement of the original and allowed. Could be viewed as no...
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    history Page

    That is correct. Here it is:
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    two holes?

    No...those are self drainers. However the hole between them viewed from the outside does (below the pintle gudgeon)
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    Wanted: Capri 14.2 mast.

    Call Catalina Yachts and talk to Dani. 818-844-7700 She'll get one built for you in about two weeks.
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    High wind/heeling observation

    Yes, go into it slow. You don't even have to tack, sheet out the main to slow down, point up and slowly haul on the lazy jib sheet after uncleating the working sheet. Keep the point with the rudder as the now backed jib will want to push the nose to leeward. As the boat slows, then will want to...
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    High wind/heeling observation

    I've had the same thoughts and observations. We heave-to all the time and usually during high wind conditions to rest and stay out of the way while (waiting for our class start) racing. During a heave-to, we have *just* a little drive in the main and the jib counteracts that drive while...
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    High wind/heeling observation

    Depower (flatten) the main by setting the outhaul hard, get the draft (power) as far forward on the sail by setting the Cunningham hard. Sheet out the Jib just a touch and sheet out the main so there is a luff down the leading edge. This is more like a backwind of the main from the jib. Keep...
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    Hull Drain Plug M.I.A!

    Yep, that's sure looks like it! Get yourself a replacement plug along with it and you're good to go.
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    cracks at mast bracket

    See the pic below for a neat little mod to the mast step. Just cut a slot with a hacksaw across the top of thr bracket. In the event you drop the rig, this will bend and release the mast before any damage to the deck or mast (hopefully)
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    How to determine year of manufacture?

    This... Sorry chemprof, I didn't see the link in your post.