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    Leech Tell Tales

    telltales on the leach is used for track setting on keel boats :S aint seen any dinghys even a rooster 8.1 :( so cant realy see the use on a dinghy time spent with a clock and 2 bouys probs best way to help test vang
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    how much is too much wind?

    when we raced to norway it blew a steady 45+ and its only as dangeris as the people sailing any thing above 25/30 i use my radial, na the few times i have raced i found it fun because of the wipe outs
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    how much is too much wind?

    in my laser 35-40 but in the dehler its fun up to 45+
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    Getting T-boned on Port

    would you have not broken that rule as well? cos you broke the port gives way ( cant be arshed to look for number) to give your self an advantage even though you did not mean to thats the way a protest comittie would see it and your would both get blame but over all it would be your own fault...
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    Getting T-boned on Port

    erm your fault end of, he went up so you had chance to tack below him, if you push hard dont call people idiots who hit you its part of it, if you chiken out n duck before people will abuse been on boat that that caused a t-bone instead of preventing it
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    carbon mast

    laser + carbon sails/mast would not cost 15k$ any ways
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    carbon mast

    erm just look at keel boats $15k about (7.0k£) is nothing for a new boat kited out for racing at olympic standard, take the new x-yacht's no racing sails no carbon on it your talking 150k£ with carbon sails and carbon spinny polls an extra 30k-40k£ and then 15k every 2 years for new sails...
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    carbon mast

    these thing aint taking it to far.. it make it more cometative with the new kicker outhaul n cunningham( ok u can do with out this ) if you sailed a keel boat you would understand how it efects the boat speed ect, the carbon mast and carbon sails oooo that would b sexy ;) but yea it would b...
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    hey yestorday my tiller extension craked and i am looking to replace it wat tiller + extension do you guys recoment? not to much tho i was looking at a gorilla one seemed good but thought the extension was abit short
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    vang, outhaul, cunni upgrades

    700$ aint to high of estamite i looking at same i looking at 160-200£ for outhaul + cunny and 200£+ for the kicker ( with out any other blocks) so we looking at atleast 500$ with all ropes ect also we fited out the boat i race n we were cheaper for its cunni and new main sheet track than...
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    this will make a big boat breech doing this in strongs winds so on boat i race we grab the whole main sheet n pull it across while downwind
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    Are older Laser sailors Role Models?

    seems abit like me, mum and dad cant race at all but when i was down helping them peal the antifoul off there new boat james saw i was comited n offered me a spot racing his bh36 n from that he tought me alot n got me into lasers as well
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    Gear review Update:

    ok i read some on the posts but can you give him a break? his choise what he wears
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    Are older Laser sailors Role Models?

    my rolemodles are older sailers mainly because no one else sails, dont think they'r that old. ones just turning 30 and others about 35 both big infulances on me n they dont try teach me to sail safe or stuff they teach me to sail to get most out of a boat ect and i think last two paragraphs of...
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    how to [not] get noticed

    i abit puzzled about what i should do, i feel (and been told) i one the best sailers in my area for keelboats but i dont know what i should do RYA only do one training event which you must attend befor they will think about you to join there squad and even that its at the other side of...