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    Rule question

    That sounds right to me Tillerman. Thanks. So being just slightly clear ahead on port at the mark doesn't really have any advantage. The sailor just behind and to windward can call the shots and get inside. Unless you can luff up and get directly in front so you have got room to tack.
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    Rule question

    Approaching top mark on port, to be left to port as usual. No starboard tackers around. As I enter the 3 boat length circle, there's another boat clear behind me and slightly to windward. If the mark wasn't there I wouldn't have room to tack on to starboard in front of him. I can call that...
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    by the lee... bear off or head up without rudder movement??

    I think Juan is a bit confused by the terms leeward and windward when he's BTL. Everyone has answered your question correctly Juan and you even have it almost correct in your first post ... "by the lee stardboard tack, --heel to windward to head up- the boom goes closer to the water -- heel...
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    Reducing hull weight

    Maybe if you just tilted the boat from side to side, say while resting it on some lawn, you'd be able to hear any significant amount of water sloshing around ? Also if water has got into a cubitainer in the back end, then there must be a hole in the container, so if you left the front...
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    Rule 18 at WW mark

    Sorry I don't know how to post a picture here but hopefully the explanation will do. 2 boats approaching top mark, both on starboard, overlapped, but neither is making the mark when they enter the 3 boat length circle. As they are on same tack, rule 18 applies as they enter - right ? But...
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    Age range?

    I started sailing at 48 groove and am now really enjoying my time with the rest of the similarly aged laser sailors. Some have sailed since they were kids and others like me started late - in fact since I started I've dragged 3 other friends down to start sailing. Thats the great thing about...
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    Club Racing

    I agree with most of what the other guys have said about sailing by the lee etc. But another thing you may want to consider is "are they covering you and stealing your wind ?" You say they "get past me on the port side". Is this while you are sailing on port ? Luff up and don't let them past...
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    Should I Go Now

    All the clubs here will be going in to winter mode soon. When are you coming over ? If you're really serious about your sailing, insist on being on the sea, want good training supplied etc, then I'd recommend Fremantle, FSC. Plus its on the south side of the city so slightly closer to...
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    Should I Go Now

    I thought I'd heard of a few lasers sailing from there but I can't find any mention of them in the clubs results section. The club is Koombana Bay, , if you want to check it out. Looks like Cats are big there. There are a few lasers sailing at Mandurah...
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    tech savvy laser sailors?

    I'd like to see a video with the camera "on its back", pointing up, so we can see the sail shape as you sail. Especially if you added comments later saying what the breeze was like etc. Mayeb if you added the sail draft stripes as in the other thread it would be even more informative.
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    Reach at light air for heavy weight sailor

    If the other guys are getting up to planing as you say then that is probably the main reason manatwork. You'll never get planing at 90kg and wind only 2.5knots. In light winds like this I adjust the vang to make sure the front entry (luff) is nice and smooth - no crinkle at all like when you...
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    Pointing higher?

    "ease vang = more leech tension" What he means is that if you ease the vang tension, then bring the blocks back to the same position using the main sheet, the force applied to the sail will be more along the leech - from the rear main sheet block - (rather than from the vang block position)...
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    Weather Helm

    Another tip I found on here and that works OK is to lift the centre board about 10-15cm. As long as you keep moving, the higher speeds mean you don't have too much lee slip and it seems easier than constantly sheeting in and out when its gusty. Keep the boat flat AND keep it moving.
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    Downwind sailing ( outhaul position )

    I've been trying to work this one out as well. We have very good sailors that do each method and it doesn't seem to make much difference. The heavier guys seem to favour a baggy outhaul, I suppose thinking that it means more power. But baggy = power is only relevant going upwind isn't it ? -...
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    reaching by the lee?

    There's some confusion here. Your title is "reaching by the lee" but you say you want to go DDW ? And isn't "sailing by the leach" or "reverse flow" the definition of "sailing by the lee". The direction you are sailing in isn't part of the definition, just that wind flow over sail is...